Thursday, 21 January 2010

My Birthday!

It was my birthday Wednesday (20th January) and I was 17 :)
My sister got up at 4am to make me a birthday cupcake and breakfast - how sweet!
Tomorrow is my birthday 'party' where me and 18 friends are going out for a meal and then bowling because I haven't been in years!

Here are my presents from friends:

Lots of goodies! There's two mini cheesecakes because my best friend knows how much I love my cheesecake lol, a hugeeee hoody because my other friend knows I love them, a bottle of Irish Meadow (Same as Bailey's but with a different name) and lots of other stuff which you can see :)

Here's some close ups of a few presents which you might not be able to see from the photo above:

How cute are these Accessorize stickers?

Lovely necklaces :)

5 pairs of earrings and a ring. The ring and three pairs of earrings are from Accessorize - my friends know me too well.

A close up of a pair from Accessorize which I loveeeeeeee!

A cute chocolate monkey!


  1. such cute presents, you friends have done well, happy birthday for yesterday!!

  2. Lots of lovely goodies. Happy Birthday for yesterday too!x

  3. Happy Birthday :) you need to up date your about me now :)hehe

  4. Happy birthday for yesterday love your stuff! :) XO

  5. happy belated birthday hun!
    ca't wait till mine next week!!

  6. Happy birthday! That chocolate monkey is cute hehe ^^

  7. Happy birthday! Those presents are so cute - lucky girl! Have a great party :) x

  8. I've got that cupcake moneybox too! It looks really cute in my bedroom :)

  9. Happy Birthday!!! Looks like some great gifts!
    Emma :)

  10. Happy birthday hun :) The stuff looks gorgeous :) I love stickers!


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