Monday, 31 May 2010

ELF Cosmetics - All Over Color Stick Review

I've had these for a few months and thought it was about time I wrote a proper review (Reviewed before but didn't have a camera so couldn't show you swatches! You can find the previous review on these here.)
You can purchase these from the ELF website for just £1.50 a pop.

I have 4 shades out of 6:
Pink Lemonade, Lilac Petal, Persimmon and Spotlight.

Swatches: In same order as above.

Ok so what ELF say:
3 in 1 color for your eyes, lips, and or face! Get the color that illuminates for a healthy glow, and instantly soothes and conditions the skin for fresh and natural color all day long.

What I say:
These give great colour pay-off and as you can see, they have a frosty appearance with fine shimmer. Because of this, these reflect light beautifully which illuminates the skin.
Spotlight looks a little more 'pasty' compared to the others but once blended, is a great highlighter.
I don't think these condition the skin; they're not very creamy so I would suggest warming them up a little with your fingers.
But because they're not as creamy as other products, they seem to last on the skin for a long time.
These also have a 'sugar-orange' scent to them which is quite sickly but once applied, you cannot smell it :)
I wear these on my cheeks for the majority of the time. I've tried them on my lips but their a little too frosty and as for the eyes, I haven't really tried to be honest.
Overall, these are really good products, beautifully illuminating the skin. I might have to buy the other two shades!

Oh and, some people have said that they expected more product. I already had a product like these so was expecting the amount you get. Trust me, you get plenty, these will last a long time!


Sunday, 30 May 2010

Tag - Would you rather

I haven't been tagged specifically for this but so many of you are tagging whoever reads it, and it looks fun so I thought I'd do it :)

Be extremely beautiful or extremely intelligent?

- Extremely beautiful. Sounds shallow but I would love for someone to look at me and think 'wow, she's beautiful'

Go without brushing your teeth for a year or go without washing your hair for a year?

- Everyone is saying 'eeewww I would go without washing my hair!' and I sound really skanky for saying this, but it took me a while to decide haha I love my hair butttt there's always dry shampoo, so yes, I would go without washing my hair (although it would be incredibly hard!)

Be Rich or Famous?

- Definitely rich!

Have an amazing shoe collection or an amazing makeup collection?

- Ohhh errr... shoe collection. People will recognise you as the girl who has amazing shoes ;)

Be able to sing or be able to dance?

- Again this is a hard one.. sing?

Be stranded on a Desert Island or in the Desert?

- Who wouldn't want to be stranded on a desert island and would prefer the desert? haha

Have a Computer or a TV?

- With a doubt, computer. The internet does everything! plus you can watch shows/films on a computer :)

Wear spots or stripes for the rest of your life?

- Stripes :)

Drink out of a Teacup or a Mug?

- A mug! I want one of those huge ones from Friends!

Receive a bunch of Flowers or a box of chocolates?


Have a hug or a Kiss from someone you love?

-Hug :)

Wear Converse or Stilettos?

-Hmmmm comfort or looks? Converse :)

Meet Johnny Depp or Robert Pattinson?

-Johnny Depp

Be a Fairy or a Mermaid?

-Fairy, I could fly!

A Coffee or a Cup of Tea?

- Tea. I love the smell of coffee but hate the taste.

Pink nails or Blue nails?

- Two favourite colours! but ummmm pink..

Live somewhere sunny or somewhere cold?

- Haha has anyone said somewhere cold? I would love to live somewhere sunny :)

Have an amazing house or an amazing car?

- An amazing house tops a car any day!

Be kind or funny?

- Kind :D

Eat Sweets or Cake?

- Sweeties!

Hold a Tarantula or a Snake?

- Snake

Wear a necklace or a ring?


Laugh or Smile?

- Laugh :D

Be hated or be a hater?

- Ooooh again, you'll think I'm mean but I promise I'm not haha, I don't know.. hated - I'll just have to man up ;)

Wear Pearls or Beads?

-Beads. Pearls have become too common :/

If you had to choose,lose your sight or your hearing?

- Without a doubt, I would lose my hearing. Your sight has so much to offer to the world.

Have lots of money or lots of friends?


Love or be loved?

- Be loved :)

Again, most bloggers have done this so I tag anyone that is reading this!



I done it.. created a twitter account. For ages I was saying how pointless it is and I didn't want one. The only reason I created it was because I'm extremely bored.. and so I can stalk celebrities hehe. It's also a good way to see the girls behind the blogs :)
So if you want to, you can look me up; my username is Louu8D (Nickname+smiley face :P)
I don't know how to use it at all haha, going to have a play around now

Oh P.S please follow me! I don't want to write my first tweet because I don't want to talk to myself aha

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Nails Of The Week

No pinks, corals or blues this week! My nails are grown up, sporting No7's Stay Perfect Nail Colour in Damson Dream 105 - A gorgeous berry purple with red reflects.

My nails don't look as untidy as that in real life, the camera jut amplifies everything!

Friday, 28 May 2010

Outfit Of The Other Day

Sorry for the dirty mirror!

This is what I wore the other day when it was cloudy.

Chain collar T-shirt - Republic
Light super skinny jeans - Primark (I love Primark jeans; none of mine have gone out of shape)
Black suede ankle boots: Next


I rarely wear eye-shadow and I think my eyelids are weird haha so that's why I never create looks. Here is the result of playing around with my Sleek palette. I know it's not very good and it literally took me a couple of minutes so please go easy on me!

I have two short lashes on my lower lash line :( A result of boredom and picking off mascara; don't do it kids!
I really like these colours on me, they go so well with my auburn hair, brown eyes and freckles.

Here's what I used:
  • In the Sleek palette: 5th colour on top row, 5th colour on bottom row and 6th colour on bottom row (Green/turquoise, brown and olive). Olive across all of lid, brown in the inner half and green/turquoise in the crease.
  • I used my ELF studio 'C' eye-shadow brush to apply them. It is quite a big brush so is hard when trying to be precise. I might purchase a smaller one.
  • NYX brow kit
  • ELF eyelash and brow wand
  • Elite black eyeliner pencil
  • One coat of Natural Collection's Lash Length Mascara in Black

EDIT: Added BodyShop's Eyeshadow in Peacock Green to the crease and lower lash line :)


Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Matalan Success?

Not really, but I'm not too fussed. They STILL didn't have the bikini's in O_o I'll just go to good old Primark or invest in one from Newlook. There were many things I liked, but nothing to make me go 'Ooooh I have to buy it!', so I saved my pennies like a good girl :D
I also bought my mum a cardigan to wear over her dress for the for upcoming wedding, because I'm such an amazing daughter you see :P

I did buy one thing though:

2 in 1 clutch and over the shoulder bag. It was £8 but it was so cute I had to buy it! This will go with so many things, casual or formal. Inside is bigger than what it looks like from the outside. It fits my phone in perfectly and has enough room for money, make-up etc.

I'm off to the Newlook website to buy some dolly shoes and pumps, maybe something extra too :P


Tuesday, 25 May 2010

OOTD & Skipping!

I rarely do Outfit Of The Day posts because I don't have many clothes I think are worthy of one aha, but I'm going to try and do more, starting with the simplest outfit I could possibly wear:

I was just relaxing in the garden and doing a bit of revision.
Vest: Republic
Shorts: Random navy striped shorts from my PJ drawer :P

Ok soooo, I want to tone up a wee bit for summer (don't we all!). Because I've always been slim and never watched my weight, I've never exercised for that purpose (I've exercised for fun; running, swimming etc but for the last couple of years, zilch).
I don't want to do anything serious because I don't really need to so one option I am going to take up is skipping!

*whacks out the old skipping rope*
Taaa daaaa! and a snippet of my toes because their pretty ;)
Bought this about 10 years ago from school when we had a skipping day aha. Because it's not rope, but one of those 'speed' skipping ropes, it bloody hurts if you accidentally whip yourself or get in the way. Luckily for me I'm a pro so this never happens ;) ha yeah right.
Is it lame that I'm going to Google 'skipping rope tricks'? Maybe, but hopefully I can become really good and enter competitions! .. I'm only joking, or am I? :P.. Yes, yes I am joking.
Jessie modelling the skipping rope :D


Hair Inspiration Continued

Just a quick post to show you some more hair inspiration.. me!
These are from a year-2 years ago
Funnily enough, in all three I have my hair wavy, I liked it like that ^^
Sorry about the first two posing pictures, we've all got them!
The first and third pictures are in direct sunlight and that's the lightest my hair got but the middle picture shows you the colour it normally was like, darkish auburn.


Monday, 24 May 2010

Hair Inspiration

I can't wait for my ginger locks to come back! The dye is pretty much gone now, and my hair is ginger toned but it just needs to be lightened up. The sun will do this!

How gorgeous are these redheads? Some natural locks and some not but all of them are beautiful. Ginger ugly? pfft just look at these:


(Not really ginger toned but she's gorgeous!)

Sunday, 23 May 2010

I need your help!

I need shoes to go with this dress! and to help me decide, I'm going to do a pros and cons on two types of shoes. (& ask for your help!) Dolly shoes vs. Heels.

White lace dolly shoes. Newlook £14.

1. Cheaper than heels = more money for clothes!
2. A lot more comfortable and this is important because I'm going to be at this wedding all day
3. They look cute and girly
4. Will wear again
5. Have found many pairs to go with my dress

1. Don't look as nice as heels
Newlook £30.

Caged Lace Up Heel
Newlook, Down to £15 (Money is obviously not an issue here, but I'm not sure if I like them)

Bow Trim Platform
Newlook £30.

(Chosen shoes from Newlook because they are in my price range)

1. Look gorgeous!
2. ^ That's the only reason I need :P

1. Expensive (Top of my budget. I'm not spending over £30 on shoes I will hardly wear.. which brings me on to the next point)
2. Will rarely wear them; only when I go out to a party
3. Might hurt my feet if I'm in them allll day
4. (Heels in general) Haven't found many pairs I like

So yes, we can clearly see which has more pros, but the one pro for heels outweighs most :P I'm not sure. I'm sure most of you will say heels but I haven't got money to waste on a pair of shoes which I will wear.. once a month maybe?

Aaah I'm in two minds!
What do you think?
Oh and are Primark selling any nice heels recently?

Dress and update :)

I bought this top from Primark (£5) but realised when I got home it was two sizes too big. I was going to return it but I think it looks nice as a dress and is long enough to be one (Elasticated at the top so still fits). I've also seen a few girls wearing this as a dress and it looks nice so I think it can be worn either way, whatever takes your fancy.

I had to include this! Looks delicious right? It's rocky road cheesecake from Tesco *drools*

I also went to Matalan today, saw a nice bikini, tried it on and the top was too small (My bust is growing woop!) so went back for a size 10 and guess what, there was not one in sight. I was fuming as this seems to be happening a lot. But I'm going back during the week and I've also spotted another I like so I'm going to get both :) I'll show you them, if they have my size!

Matalan also have some amazing jewellery I've been eyeing up!

I've been looking for some heels for a wedding I'm going to in June for ages now but can't find any I like. I've come to the conclusion that I'm going to wear dolly shoes. They won't look as nice but..
1. These will still look cute
2. I've found many pairs which go with my dress
3. They will be more comfortable which is definitely a bonus as I'm at this wedding all day
4. I can wear them again
5. Less expensive
6. Being less money, I can spend more on clothes!

Ok so I've just been at a BBQ (up the road) and have come down to do some revision because one exam is this Thursday and the rest are two weeks away. Blogger has distracted me a bit but is sooo much better than revision. I really should do some though because I've only done a bit and feel like I'm going to fail :/

Ooooh and isn't the weather nice?! When I broke up for Easter it was hot and sunny and now I've broke up for study leave it's nice and sunny.
This is kinda bad because everyone goes beach and has BBQ's which distracts me from revision.

Anyway, toodles my little cupcakes!


Saturday, 22 May 2010

Shower, exfoliate, moisturise.. door bell!

I still wasn't dressed so my parcel was placed in the hands of my father, which he then hid and thought he would play the 'cold, warm, warmer' game with me O_O so when I finally found it, I ran upstairs to try my items on :)
I bought both of these in Republic's sale for £5 each
The photos are cropped a fair bit because I had a towel on my head and my room was a mess :) oh and I'm so pale!

Originally £19.99. To me, this dress is just meh. I'll wear it to the beach over a bikini so I would of never paid £20 for it. First photo is of the dress normally, making me look larger than normal and the second is with a belt which I think looks slightly better.

Anddd the top, which was originally £19.99. It has a chain along the collar and light weight material. I quite like this :)


Friday, 21 May 2010


The most pointless post ever aha but I just made grilled cheese and tomato on toast and it was delicious!
One slice had cheese on top (I already ate one half of it before I took the photo) and the other slice had the tomato on top. When the tomato is on top, the juices taste so much better. We only had cherry tomato's so that's what I used.
Again, pointless post, everyone knows how to do this but I forgot how good it tasted.
Well.. it tastes nice if you like cheese and tomato :P

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