Saturday, 26 March 2011

Someday Summary - Saturday

Hello beautiful people! As per usual, I have no idea what I'm about to write.
  • In my last Someday Summary, I talked about applying to Marjon University. I've been offered a place there :) As I only need CCC, it's definitely going to be my second choice.
  • I think I know what University I want as my first choice; Plymouth. This means my first and second choices are in the city where I live and I can stay at home. This will save me money and if I wanted to, I could always move out in my second year. Falmouth University is beautiful and the course is great but if I got in, I would probably choose my second choice over it so there's really no point in putting it as my first choice. EDIT: I've chosen Plymouth as my first choice and Marjons as my second. I changed Track and everything. No going back now!
  • I've made my revision timetable for the upcoming months. I should be able to fit in around 64 hours of revision per exam. It's going to be a lot of work but I've just got to keep thinking that it's only for a few months (& then another 3 years at Uni!)
  • I've still not found a May Ball dress, haha. EDIT: I'm not going to May Ball. If I go, I won't be able to afford to go and see Lee Evans and buy people's birthday presents. I'll just hate all the photos of me plastered all over Facebook anyway. Don't want to miss out but what can I do? The £110 that would've gone on May Ball can now go on better things.
  • I'm falling in love with Etsy. I find it so much better than eBay. I look at eBay as people selling off any old junk but Etsy sells so many beautiful pieces. The community, website, products, are just better. It's amazing for jewellery. Yesterday (Or the day before; cannot remember) I bought a vintage, long, bronze, leaf necklace. It's beautiful and I cannot wait for it to arrive.
  • People who write malicious comments under anonymous = Jealous cowards.
  • I love the Upside Down Dogs website. It's a website full of photos of upside down dogs! Here are my favourites:



Nails Of The Week!

Models Own Mystic Mauve; a metallic mauve with silver shimmer.


Friday, 25 March 2011

Personalised Photo Canvas

Bags Of Love are a personalised photo gifts manufacturer. They offer many gift ideas , from post cards to canvases, to duvet covers and bean bags.

Here is my own 12" by 16" personalised photo canvas:
I chose a gerbera daisy because it's my favourite flower. I love the colour orange and it contrasts well against my main turquoise wall.

The bits and bobs to hang it up.

The 12" by 16" canvas starts from £39. I don't know much about the prices of canvases so I'm not sure if this is expensive or not.

Overall, I am happy with my canvas and I think the website is great for personalised gifts.


Outfit Of The Day

I don't like doing Face Of The Day's because I hate the way I look and I don't like doing Outfit Of The Days because my clothes are boring. However, it has been requested a number of times if I could do more of these types of posts, so here you go:

Told you my clothes are boring!

White T-shirt: H&M
Blue shirt: Primark
Dark blue skinny jeans: Newlook
Grey pumps: Primark
Owl necklace: eBay

I'll try and get a Face Of The Day done soon but I'm telling you now, it will take a lot of photos to find one I'm happy with!

Have a good weekend :) x

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Put a spring in your spring! Tell us, how would you lighten up your life? #AussieLight

What lightens up my life?
(Things to do more of this Spring)

Making my hair extra beautiful and shiny:
Because a good hair day makes a happy Louise!

Time with my animals:

(4 of 7. If I included them all, this post would be very long!)

Making sure my cacti stay healthy:
(1 of 10. Again, this post would be huge if I showed you them all!)

Eating good food:


What else lightens up my life?
Having pretty painted nails and getting good grades (Geek)


Sigma Hollywood Glamour Flat Top Retractable Kabuki

Price: $25 (Around £15)

  • The packaging is really pretty.
  • The cover and lid keep the brush protected so you can pop it in your bag.
  • The brush is super soft.
  • It washes well.

  • When I first used this brush, it shed a couple hairs. However, no hairs shed when I washed it.
  • This is just me being picky but the finishing powder I use is white and because the tips of the brush are white, I cannot see how much product I am using. However, other products such as blush and bronzer can be seen clearly.
  • It is fairly expensive.


Nails Of The Week + Models Own Nail Polishes

I say 'Of the week', I mean I've painted them this weekend to wear throughout next week.
This is Models Own Beth's Blue; a pastel blue with a hint of lilac. This is opaque in one coat but I added a second out of habit. Pastel polishes can look a little tip-exy but having pale skin, I think I can get away with it.

These are the Models Own polishes I own so far:
Nude Beige (Click here to see swatch), Pastel Pink, Beth's Blue, Mystic Mauve, Champagne.

I'm very late on the Models Own bandwagon!
I really like these polishes; simple packaging, great formula and a wide variety of colours available.


Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Someday Summary - Wednesday

I really like writing these, they're like my diary :)

  • I was told earlier in the week by my teacher that it is unlikely I will get a B in English. I was so upset. I only chose 4 University options, so I had one more. My friend told me that Marjons (Another University in my city) do English courses. I checked it out and found that there are still places available for my chosen course and I only need three C's. I applied and am now waiting for a response. Hopefully they'll accept me!
  • I don't know whether to go to my May Ball. The positive point for going is that everyone in my year is going and I don't want to miss out. However, I'm going to struggle to find money to buy a dress. On top of this, I have to find money for birthday presents and rent. Also, I hate photos of myself and I will hate seeing them plastered over Facebook.
  • My last post showed my ASOS/Models Own order. I found out that the Models Own nail art pen brush was bent and un-usable. I didn't really mind because I will mainly use the 'nib' to create dots and fine details, however, I still contacted ASOS about the product being faulty. They replied saying that I don't have to return the item and they will send me a replacement, which should arrive tomorrow. I am very impressed with the customer service I received.
  • I had my hair cut today. Nothing too drastic, just a trim and some more layers put in. Layers make my hair more 'flicky' and harder to plait but they give it great shape and volume. My hairdresser cut a few layers bluntly so I finished cutting my hair myself when I got home. I also finished off my sister's hair as she wanted her fringe shorter. I would cut it myself most of the time but I cannot reach the back!


Tuesday, 15 March 2011

ASOS/Models Own Shop and Prizes

Models Own nail polishes in Champagne, Mystic Mauve and Beth's Blue, nail art pen in Black.
These are what I recently purchased from ASOS with my Groupon voucher. I paid £10 for all of these because of the voucher; individually the nail polishes are £5 each and the nail art pen is £6.

I would also like to thank Karen from lovelygirliebits for these goodies. I was the second winner in her giveaway and had no idea what she was going to send me. I've been wanting to try the Lush Candy Cane for a while; it smells divine! and yes, that is GOSH Rainbow nail polish! I have Nubar 2010 but wanted Rainbow, which is unfortunately discontinued. I am so happy I finally have it! Thank you Karen :)


Sunday, 13 March 2011

Nails Of The Week!

Click to enlarge.
(The photos aren't of great quality so I'll try and retake them at some point.)
I'm wearing ASOS Paint in Megan with Nubar 2010 over the top.


Saturday, 12 March 2011

120 Happy Things - Part 1

I thought I'd start this series of things that make me happy. This is more for myself to remind me of all the little things in life that make me smile. I'm doing it in 12 parts and of course, the first part has to be food! I have so many more favourites but thought I'd show you my main ones.


Fresh bread.



Peanut butter.


Caramel shortcake.


White chocolate.


A few more of my favourites are prawns, Quavers, BBQ sauce, sweet and sour sauce, fruit juice and smoothies.


Friday, 11 March 2011

Someday Summary - Friday

Hello all :)
  • I got a B in my January Psychology exam! Regular readers will know the struggle I've had with Psychology; I'm good in class but my previous exam results didn't show that. Well this time, I revised. Properly. I wrote everything in my folder out in note form. Hard work really does pay off.

What my day consists of (I like to revise on my bed!). On my breaks I will paint my nails and plan some posts!

  • I got a D in English. I knew I had screwed the exam up so I was expecting it. I screwed it up so much (Changed the question I was answering for the second half three times) that I'm surprised I even got a D. Obviously I'm retaking because I know I can do better.

  • My future... Firstly, I don't think I'll get into Uni and if I do, I don't think I'll manage. Also, I'll come out in debt and will the degree really help me get a better job? I know people with degrees who are in the same boat with those without. Saying this, I don't want to finish my A Levels and get a 'regular' job because I feel I cannot improve from this. I don't want to do anything with my life.

  • I ordered a Models Own nail polish from eBay and it arrived today... smashed :( This is the second one I've ordered (Different people, different sites) that has smashed. I think it's either the postal service or my house. This is because when the post man drops our post through, it drops to a concrete floor. Just to be sure another one doesn't break because of the concrete floor, I'm putting a box with pillows in under the letterbox. Although it could have been the post man or my floor, I do think that this time it was the sellers fault. The polish wasn't protected well. It had a thin strip of bubble wrap around it and was in a thin, carrier bag like envelope with no built in bubble wrap.

  • The Groupon/ASOS offer... you know half of your news feed is going to be about it. If you are not aware of this offer (Which has now ended but I recommend you sign up to Groupon; fantastic discounts), basically you could buy a £20 ASOS voucher for £9, saving £11. You have to spend £21 at ASOS (£20 voucher + £1 of your own money) so you're really spending £10 and getting £10 free. There were 50,000 Groupons sold and even if everybody did just spend that extra £1, ASOS are making £50,000. It's likely that a lot of people will spend more than £21, giving ASOS a nice little profit.
I'm impatient so have already spent mine (Which I may regret if new products arrive). There wasn't much I actually wanted so settled with 3 Models Own polishes (Champagne, Mystic Mauve, Beth's Blue) (Hopefully these will not break in the post!) and the Models Own nail art pen in Black. I would prefer white but they didn't have it.
So I bought 2 Models Own polishes for £10 and received another polish and art pen for free.


Wednesday, 9 March 2011

New Barry M Instant Nail Effects Polish Shades

Photos were sent to me from Superdrug PR.

This is just a quick post to inform you that two new Barry M Instant Nail Effects Polish shades will be on shelves very soon! I know a lot of people love the black crackle polish but have been waiting for Barry M to bring out other shades. As you can see, the two new shades will be pink and blue; shades to cater for most preferences.

I have yet to try the black crackle polish because I'm not keen on the pattern it creates but I will probably try the blue.

Models Own and Boots 17 are bringing out crackle polishes too so we'll have plenty of choice!

I have a Kelier crackle polish review post coming up soon. I prefer the effect this polish gives (Like shattered glass) and the shade I have is very pretty (Vibrant purple). It flakes off easily so I have to be careful whilst it dries and need to apply a top coat after.


Sunday, 6 March 2011

Someday Summary - Sunday

Hello all! Not much to update you with this week (To be honest there never is!).

  • One of my tweets is in Reveal magazine this week; my 2 seconds of fame ;) haha
  • I've made progress with my Media coursework (Finally!). All the layouts and writing for the magazine are done, I just need photos. The photos are a huge part though and I don't have long to take and edit them!
  • I went in town today and really wanted five 17 nail polishes and two blushers. I didn't buy any though because I thought 'I have similar colours'. It was so hard resist but I did it!
  • I only bought a few things so there is no point in giving them a whole post. Here's what I bought:

Primark socks, £2 for three pairs. How cute are these?!

MUA Eye Shadows, shades 8 and 11, £1 each. I bought shade 8 for my mum (Click here to see a swatch, along with swatches of shades 1 and 6). Shade 11 is just beautiful and very pigmented.

I also bought some Original Source Lime shower gel (A favourite of mine) and a bigger plant pot for one of my cacti.


Saturday, 5 March 2011

Maybelline Colour Sensational Lipsticks

I wrote a post about these last year and it is my most popular post to date. Today I decided to update the photos because since then, I've got a better quality camera. However, when you click to enlarge the images or see them on Google images, the old photos appear rather than the new ones, so I thought I'd do a whole new post with the updated photos. You can never see enough swatches right?
Click here to go to the old post where you can see my review on the lipsticks.
Click here for the Ambre Rose post.

Lip balm was applied prior to application of the lipsticks.

Coral Tonic

Darling Pink

Mystic Mauve

Pink Brown

Coral Pearl

Kiss Pearl

Ambre Rose

£7.19 each from Boots, however prices will vary depending on the store.


Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Bargain Buys Of The Week

I technically bought the first item 11 days ago and the second 5 days ago but they both arrived this week. Also, 'bargain' has connotations of something amazing but these are pretty standard; I just wanted a catchy title!
I'm really selling this post aren't I?!

I wanted a mini tripod so I can take better photos of products. I don't need a large one at the moment because I don't do outfit posts yet. I also don't know how to set my camera on timer to take full length outfit photos!
I know you can buy cheap tripods from a lot of places but if you're interested, I bought mine here for 99p including delivery. It stands at just 13.8cm tall so don't expect it to be very big! It's the perfect size for what I need it for though.

Swizzel Matlow Sweet Flavour lip balms from Debenhams. These were originally £7-10 but were on offer for £3.50. I also had a discount code so paid £3.15 including delivery. I didn't need these but I love novelty lip products! The Double Lollies one smells of pineapple, which is delicious but not a smell I'd associate with Double Lollies? The Refresher lip balm is lemon scented so smells like a Refresher bar. The Drumstick one is vanilla scented and kind of smells like Drumsticks. The Double Dip is cherry scented but also smells of sherbet so the scent is spot on. The Rainbow Drops lip balm is strawberry scented and smells generally sweet.
I love good old chemically sweet smells ;)


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