Tuesday, 29 September 2009

R.I.P x6, nearly 8.

Another kitten died this morning and two more are about to die.
Also, two of the older kittens (A tabby and a grey, which we were going to keep) must have got into the kitchen where the puppy was. Jessie then must of started playing with them and accidentally killed them. :( This has been a bad few days. Down to 10 from 17 and soon to be 8 :(

Monday, 28 September 2009

R.I.P :(

As some of you may know, my cats have been giving birth to a number of litters. The youngest litter of 7 kittens are not doing too well. The mum couldn't supply them with milk and rejected them. We then gave them to one of the other mums but they are still weak. Instead of looking their age (4 weeks) they look about 1 week and the other litter of kittens which are close in age are double the size. Unfortunately two of them past away this morning and another one a few minutes ago. Before it died, I tried warming it up, getting one of the mums to feed it, but it just wasn't suckling as it was too weak. It was heart breaking knowing I couldn't do anything to stop the slow death of the little creature. There are now four left and I don't think a few of them will make it. Sorry for the depressing post but I just needed to write this down. I know to some people this isn't something massive to cry over and get upset about but I love animals so much and look at them as other human beings.
R.I.P little ones x

Saturday, 26 September 2009

My Art Work

Here is some of my art work from GCSE:

Art book pieces:

Humming bird made out of flowers.

Out of art book:

Different media's.

Claude Monet.

3D rose and flowers.


Hummingbirds and Butterflies.

Hummingbird and Butterfly.


:) x

Newlook & Primark Haul


Coat £28 (Click to enlarge and see the coat properly). There's also this other gorgeous coat I really want for £45. I'm going to save up for it.

True colour of the coat.


First pairs of 'Uggs' £5 each. I want some chocolate brown ones but these will do for now. I've found a chocolate brown pair from Kangool which I am also going to save up for.

First pairs of 'Tennis' shoes £2 each.

Pearl and bow necklace £2.50.

Pearl earrings £1.

White and gold flower ring £2.


I had better quality pictures but they got deleted. So anyways, here are my cacti!

The cacti are from my local florists for 99p. I've had them a year and they have grown loads!
The plant pots and dishes are from Wilkinsons. I can not find the prices but they were around 20-30p each.

I thought I'd add this picture I took too because the flowers are so pretty!

Oh & I did have pictures of my Cyclamen (A flower, which looks like its turned inside out!) but I have lost the pictures :(. Search Cyclamen to see what they look like, their very pretty.

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Natural Collection Haul & Reviews

A few months ago I purchased 6 products from Natural Collection. 3 for £5 - cheap as chips!

From left to right: Nail Polish 'Crystal Clear', Moisture Shine Lipstick 'Candy Mist', Moisture Shine Lipstick 'Pink Mallow', Cream Blusher 'Rosy Pink', Bronzing Pearls 'Sahara Sun' & Bronzing Powder 'Golden Glow'.

Here are the swatches. From top to bottom: 'Candy Mist' Lipstick, 'Pink Mallow' Lipstick, 'Rosy Pink' Cream Blusher, 'Sahara Sun' Bronzing Pearls & 'Golden Glow' Bronzing Powder.

The lipsticks go on smoothly and don't dry your lips out. The colour pay off is quite good but the staying power isn't the best - I'm not too fussed about this because its easy to re apply and I don't mind for the price.

Cream Blusher:
I love this and want to purchase some other colours. Its so easy to apply and takes seconds - Squeeze a small amount onto your finger and then rub into cheeks like you would with a lotion. The finished result is really good, giving you that natural 'pinched cheeks' look.

Bronzing Pearls:
These give a gorgeous shimmering glow effect. This shade contains pink, yellow and purple bronzing pearls. I think the pink and yellow create the bronze colour and the purple tones it down. These are also nice for a wash of colour on the lids - very subtle but still beautiful.

Bronzing Powder:
Some bronzers can be too shimmery but I think this bronzer is just right for me. It does have some shimmer in it but I think this gives the overall effect a pearly glow. I will defiantly stick to this bronzer in the future.

I've also tried their mascara, concealer & lip gloss which again, are all great products.

Packaging: I really like the packaging, its simple and doesn't look tacky.

Would I recommend Natural Collection products?
100% yes! Each product is under £2 and is really good quality.


A little parcel (:

My parcel from pandadoesmakeup arrived :D
Thank you again!

Along with the Maybelline Colossal Volum' Express Mascara was a little note, a few cute business cards with her details on & two Barry M dazzle dust samples (The colours match the mascara!)

Here are the swatches of the samples. Left to right: Number 90, Number 76
These are a lot prettier in real life!

Maybelline Colossal Volum' Express Mascara:

I've tried this mascara a few times now & I really like it. It gives your lashes a lot of length and volume as the brush is big and packed with bristles.

Comparing it to my favourite mascara-
Collection 2000 Volume Sensation:
These mascaras are pretty similar as they both give amazing length and volume, but Collection 2000 Volume Sensation has more compact bristles on the brush and this gives your lashes that little extra length and volume. (& it is only a little extra. These mascaras are very close in comparison!)

So in conclusion, Maybelline's Colossal Volum' Express Mascara is very good and I would recommend it, but my trusty Collection 2000 Volume Sensation is that little bit better.

Friday, 18 September 2009

Nail Varnish Collection- 18th September

Miss Sporty:
Collection 2000:

Barry M:


Close up:

Others: (Star Gazer, Natural Collection, No7 & Random)

If you would like all the names then please leave a comment. I haven't added them in because it will take ages hunting them down but I will be happy to if wanted :)

Ins & Outs :)

This is just a quick blog as I have to get ready for school :( but at least its Friday!

1. Washing my hands with various lush soaps before I go to bed. They make my hands smell yummy and feel super soft!

2. Better skin! This could either be the scrub and cleanser I'm using, Vitamin tablets or I'm just growing out of the phase of having spots! Hopefully the last one *fingers crossed*

3. Starting swimming. A good way to keep healthy and spend some time with friends.

4. Wearing my Avon perfumes everyday. They smell so yummy...

5. Shadow playing with Jessie all the time. She's turned into a puppy herself, its so cute.

6. My friend changing one of her courses & now she has the same free periods as me!

1. My hair. I'm bored of it being long and want a good 8 inches off but my hairdresser hasn't got back to me yet and its been ages :( (Shes a friend of a family member)

2. No money, as usual. Have you seen my wish list?!

3. Short nails. They wasn't really long anyway but one of them got a split and had to file it down. Then all the rest had to be filed down so it didn't look weird.

4. Feeling ugly all of the time. Wheres my confidence?! Its ran off :(

Anything planned for the weekend?

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Anew 2 in 1 Cleanser - Review

I know I know, its another product from Avon. But I love their products & plus I have no money at the moment so I'm doing some reviews.

Anew 2 in 1 Cleanser. This is £7 but as I've said before, Avon always have offers going on so you should be able to get it cheaper.
So basically all your do is wet your face, rub the product in your hands so it creates a lather and dissolves the blue beads, massage on to face & then wash off.

Avon's description: 'Energize skin and fight the signs of aging while you cleanse! Innovative 2-in-1 cleanser/toner deep-cleans pores, while it energizes dull, fatigued skin. Micro-spheres burst on application to release skin-enhancing ingredients. Cools, refreshes, and purifies your complexion every day. Skin looks less lined, more radiant.'

This wakes your skin up, makes it feel fresh and your skin feels brand new. It feels as though your face is glowing. Use this in the shower in the morning and you'll soon be awake. I really do love this cleanser :)


Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Avon Haul & Review

Arabian Glow Clearly Shadowed Eye Pencil - Vivacious Turquoise. The pictures are from the internet as I couldn't get the right lighting!
The pigmentation of this pencil is amazing. It glides on so smooth, is very creamy and when I rubbed my finger over it, the colour didn't just disappear. So far I am in love with this pencil and want to buy the others!

Make Me Wonder & Fire Me Up perfumes. These are my two new favourite fragrances.

Make Me Wonder is a harmony of floral and fruity notes including raspberry, blackberry, violet & vanilla. Avon describe this perfume as "Discover the secrets of Californian berries entwined with violet and rich vanilla bean...totally captivating. Oriental, fruity."

Avon describe Fire Me Up as being fruity and gourmand which is very accurate. They also describe using this scent as "Experience luscious ruby red pomegranate spiked with bold black cherry and the sensuality of amber..."

^ Sound scrumptious don't they? Oh they are.
(The packaging of these bottles are so cute! I love the colours)

Joanna bag. I love this bag as I'm an organised moo & this has so many cute pockets! You can just fit A4 sized things into the bag without the zip doing up so that should give you a clue on how big it is.

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Review: Natural Collection Body Sprays

Boots, Natural Collection, £1.99
I own:
Wild Strawberry
Mango & Papaya

I love these, they are a few of my favourite smells ever (Apart from fresh bread - Mmmm)
Vanilla and Wild Strawberry are super sweet smelling, that's why I love them (+ I get quite a few compliments when wearing them!)

I also have Body Shops Vanilla perfume and this Vanilla spray smells exactly like it. The differences are that the spray is a lot cheaper and has 120mls more product! (150ml)
Don't get me wrong, I love my Body Shop perfume but why pay more when you can have a cheaper dupe? Who's going to tell the difference?

Lots of love x

Review - Lush 17 Cherry Tree Lane Soap (+ a few small others)

My sister got this for her birthday, along with the Sakura bath bomb but she doesn't really use stuff like this so she gave them to me. (Thanks!) On Lush's website, this is in with the Retro soaps.
I'll admit that I wouldn't buy this myself because it has a floral scent to it (I prefer delicate floral, sweet, fruity scents) and it doesn't have that exciting appearance to stand out from the crowd.
I used this soap today, it lathered up well and left my hands feeling soft like all of Lush's soaps do. The smell also lingers on your hands which is nice. Overall I would rate this as a pretty average soap because there isn't anything about this which is different to any other standard soap. If you do like strong floral scents then this would be perfect for you. Looking at the reviews on Lush's website, a lot of people love this soap, it just isn't something I would buy.

I have also tried these Lush soaps:
Honey I Washed The Kids
Rock Star

I can not find Mudflat anymore :( But I loved it. It was good for people who have spots on their backs and I actually liked the herbal natural smell.

I can not remember how good the other two were but I know they were pretty good. + They were the sweetest smells ever - Yum! (I'm going to re-purchase Honey I Washed The Kids).

I want to try Ice Blue known as the 'tingly peppermint' one. I'm sure this will wake my skin up and I will love the tingly sensation.

I do like the idea of using soaps rather than shower gels because they have many more natural ingredients instead of chemicals. On the other hand, I do tend to use shower gels more, simply because I'm lazy (Soaps become slippery and seem to have me falling around the bath trying to catch them!).

More reviews to come :)

Saturday, 12 September 2009

A little about me :)

I wanted to make this post because people read posts, but sometimes never know anything about the person that actually creates the posts. So here goes: (More about me in the 'I think you're an awesome girl award' post. Can not be bothered to write them out again.)

*I'm called Louise, If you haven't already noticed!

*I'm 16, birthday in January.

*I live in Devon, next to Cornwall (I go to school in Cornwall) That's all I'm saying there!

*I'm currently in sixth form studying Biology, English Language, Media & Psychology.

*I have 'Auburn' hair. In other words, dark ginger!

*I have brown eyes.

*Am very slim and don't tend to put weight on. Good thing? I'm not sure.

*You know people cringe at the sound or thought of claws scraping down a black board? Well I cringe and shudder at the feeling of lollipop sticks. Wet wood on your teeth and tongue! Scraping across. Ew. I also can not dry and wipe up wooden spoons *Shudders*

*I have 5 piercings, 2 on each ear & my belly button :)

*I've saw a tag going round of what people prefer & one of them is 'Galaxy or Dairy Milk?' Now quite a lot of people have said Dairy Milk & I'm going to say that I'm a Galaxy kind of girl 100%. Galaxy is soooo much more creamier and mouth watering!

*I can't think of anymore yet :S When I do I'll add them! (Not that people will be interested reading about me, but oh well!)

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Review - Boots Intensive Hair Masks

I've been using these for months now & they are defiantly going to be a few of my staple hair products. £1.95 for a huge 350ml tub!

These both smell gorgeous! I use one of these every few days as I have thick hair that can become dry. All you have to do is dollop as much as you want on to your hair after you have shampooed, leave for 5 minutes and then wash out. They really do make your hair super soft! I like the fact that the Henna & Horse Chestnut one is specifically for brunettes and redheads. It says on the back that the product enhances the natural colour and shine of the hair.

'Specially formulated to smooth frizz, leaving hair soft, shiny, tangle free and deeply moisturised.'
^ I think this statement is pretty true :)

Cheap, a lot of product and it leaves your hair looking and feeling amazing.

Shadow & Jessie Playing

Here is a video of my dogs playing. Shadow is about 11 years old so she doesn't play a lot and she has been getting annoyed with the puppy always trying to play with her. I think she has got used to Jessie and its brought out the puppy in her. I had to record them playing as it was so cute!

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

How was my second day?

Apart from still being a loner, having a headache, blisters on my feet, horrible weather & bad hair, my day was OK.
I had double Psychology but our teacher was really ill so we ended up having two free periods. Sounds good but it wasn't, it was so boring as all my friends were in lessons. Sitting there for two hours is not fun. I can't even go home because I live ages away.
I asked to swap Biology classes and they allowed me, but I swapped back to the class where I'm lonely because: I wasn't even sat with my friends, my time table would be mixed up and confusing, I would have free periods on my own (Even more than I do now) & one of their teachers is horrible - ha.

I suppose there is a lot worse going on in the world. I'll live.

*I also hate the weather at the moment. Dark, foggy and drizzly. I would rather it be raining! We had a glimpse of the sun this summer, but I wouldn't call it a summer at all :(

Can you tell I'm really not loving life at this point in time?! Lol.
My Avon comes in 6 days so that's a plus, I also get EMA soon (Hopefully) So I should have more money!
I hope all of your days went better than mine :)

Monday, 7 September 2009

Horrible First Day

Fourth post today but I have to have a rant!
OK so firstly, picture time! My photo is horrible! Nothing new there. Please just one nice photo in my life time!
Secondly, I am alone in all my classes. All my friends are together except me. This always happens, I'm the one put into classes by myself. I might ask to change classes because their the same subject, just different rooms & times. I don't think I will be allowed though.
Thirdly, walking home at lunch time, (Had no classes for the rest of the day) my 'pearl' necklace broke. Beads went flying everywhere. Thankfully there wasn't many people around but I'm still upset.
Every cloud has a silver lining but I really can't see one this time. Some may say 'You'll work harder now you're not with your friends' but I don't. I work better with my friends. It could be an opportunity to make new friends, but I know everyone already, I just don't 'click' with them.

The only good thing about today is I have just ate a Kinder Egg :) & am now building the toy hehe.


No7 Stay Perfect Nail Colour in Damson Dream 105.
£1.25 with a £5 off Voucher.

This is my perfect Winter colour - A deep berry purple with red reflects = Gorgeous!

Barry M Kohl Pencil in 19.

BodyShop Coconut body butter sample.

This smells amazing. I also wanted a sample of the Clay Mask but it was only one sample per person :(

Black dolly shoes from ShoeZone.

Elasticated belt from Primark.

Top from Primark.

Coral vest top from Primark.

(Third post of the day! Check out the other two :D)

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