Sunday, 30 October 2011

Nails Of The Week!

Price: £11 (I think it has been discontinued though because it was in this month's GlossyBox)

Hello! For the upcoming week, I'm wearing Leighton Denny's Babydoll nail polish. It's a warm, baby pink which is very different to my usual cool toned baby pink polishes. Application was hunky dory and I only needed to apply two coats for an even, opaque finish. 
In this month's GlossyBox, I actually received Sex Kitten, a pearlescent blue, but I wasn't keen on it, so I hopped on over to here and swapped it.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Nails Of The Week!

Hello all! This is my first nail polish post in two months! The good thing about not wearing polish for that long is, your nails return to their natural colour, rather than having a yellow tinge. 
This is Barry M's Berry Ice Cream, which is currently £1.80 in the ASOS sale (click here to bag this bargain). I know, I know, it's not an Autumn shade. I'm not one to colour code my nails to the seasons. The silver lining to wearing a Summery shade this time of year is that your nails can brighten your damp, dark days.
The formula of this shade is a little thinner than other Barry M nail polishes I have, taking three coats to achieve an even finish. I do prefer pastel shades to be less opaque though, because I find that opaque pastels can look a little tip-exy.

Toodle pip!

Pudsey inspired nails for BBC Children in Need

This year, Children in Need have launched a range of Pudsey inspired products to help raise money for disadvantaged children in the UK. One of these products are these colourful, spotty nail wraps from Nail Rock. These are available to buy from Boots for £6.65, and 25% (£1.66) of the money will go to Children in Need. I think they are a great way to raise money for the charity; you can have beautiful nails and help a great cause at the same time :)


Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Oops! I did it again...

Yes, I did just quote a Britney song. It popped into my head and I just couldn't shake it! At least it's more interesting than 'recent purchases'...
As the title suggests, I did it again. 'It' being spending money. Hehe.

Winter socks (pack of two) £2.50, knee high owl socks £2
Oh how I love Primark socks...

Long sleeved pj top £5

Pj bottoms £5 and £3

New Look:
Suede desert boots £23.99 (£29.99 before student discount)

White string vest £2.49, teal vest £3.99

'Shell pink' loose boxy t-shirt £7.99
I attempted to take a photo of me wearing this, but the photos didn't do it justice! The back has a sheer panel (which you can see near the tag).

Soul Cal deluxe hoodie £24 (£30 before student discount)

John Lewis:
Remington Pearl straighteners £39.95
I have wanted these for agessss! I wanted them even more after buying the curling wand from this range, which is amazing. The original price of these is £80-90. Boots currently have them on offer for £56 and I was going to buy them from there, but thankfully I saw them on the John Lewis site for a lot less!
Here is a rubbish webcam photo of my hair this morning, after using the straighteners:

Cream blush in High Five £5.40 (£6 before student discount)
I'm not a fan of Topshop. I think many of their items are ugly and overpriced. However, I've wanted one of their blushes for ages. High Five hasn't been talked about much because Head Over Heels has been receiving most of the attention. So far, I really like it. It's very pigmented, so I have to use a light hand when applying! One thing I don't like about this product is the white packaging. It's already filthy!

Barry M Nail Paints in Pink Flamingo and Berry Ice Cream £1.80 each in the sale
I've previously owned Pink Flamingo, but I made the mistake of letting my sister borrow it. She used it so much that I was left with half a bottle of gloopy polish. I've wanted to try Berry Ice Cream for a while, so this was the perfect time to do so.

My Blue Nose Friends- Thomas the Hippo and Twiggy the Giraffe.
I've wanted these for ages, but they're no longer sold in stores and are rare to find. The ones you do find are going for stupid prices on eBay. Thankfully, I didn't pay too much over the retail price for these.

I've also ordered some other bits and bobs from eBay, but they're coming from Hong Kong and won't be here just yet!


Sunday, 16 October 2011

Sanex Zero% shower gels

Price: £1.89 each

'Sometimes we put more artificial chemicals than are necessary onto our skin. That’s why the new Sanex Zero% range has been specifically developed to contain only the ingredients you need for moisturised and healthy skin. Sanex Zero% is also mindful of the environment. With its minimal impact on aquatic systems and its biodegradable formulation, it has been approved by the European Eco-Label.'

Sanex Zero% shower gels lather well and leave your skin squeaky clean, proving that you don't need a lot of ingredients for a product to be effective. They're not something I'd personally choose to buy, because I prefer my shower gels to have a scent, but if you have sensitive skin, I think these will work well for you.

Here is a video, metaphorically displaying how many chemicals we put on our skin from day to day:

I can imagine passers by would have thought it was a little weird, but it proves Sanex's point perfectly.

PR sample

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Lil Lets new packaging

Periods are not often talked about. Not only in the blogging world, but in real life too. They should be though, because they're natural and healthy. So when I was contacted and asked to review the new Lil Lets range, I agreed. 
I was sent the sanitary towels to review. I wanted to get a sense of the whole range, so I then went out and bought two packs/tubs of tampons.
I've been using these for the last week and here are my thoughts:

Fresh Lock Ultra Towels - Long, £1.99 from Boots.
A few key features:
  • Ultra slim towel for a comfortable fit
  • Wings for extra security
  • Breathable ultra soft non-woven cover
  • Twice as absorbent as the leading brand
  • Towels individually wrapped in soft grey whisper wrappers for ultimate discretion
  • Packaged in a pretty drawstring bag with a ribbon and removable band

Teens Ultra Towels - Day and Night variants, £1.59 from Boots.
A few key features:
  • Shorter in length and narrower in width
  • Ultra thin with wings
  • Super absorbent with a breathable soft non-woven cover
  • Individually wrapped in whisper wrappers for ultimate discretion
  • Packaged in a pretty drawstring bag with a ribbon and removable sleeve

Silk Comfort Compact Tampons (Regular and Super Plus pictured above), £2.39 but currently £1.75 at Boots.
A few key features:
  • Applicator expands widthways for ease of use
  • Packaged in patterned, cylinder tubs

Overall, I like the range. A lot of effort has gone into it, from the drawstring bags and tubs, to the actual products. These features ensure that your time of the month is a little more pleasant. I think it also helps girls realise that periods shouldn't be seen as ugly. I really like that the products are in whisper wrappers, so you can change your towels or tampons without everyone in the public toilets knowing. I also like the ultra long towels. When wearing them, they gave me confidence that I wasn't going to leak.

Is there anything I would change?
This is me being picky, but I would love the drawstring bags to be made of fabric. I could then re-use them for storing bits and bobs!
I know the expandable applicator of the tampons is a main feature with the new design, so they can't really change it, but I would prefer them to be made out of cardboard. I normally use cardboard applicators and haven't had any problems with them. They're also better for the environment.


Recent purchases

I'm about to write a review, but to warm up my blogging mojo, I thought I'd show you what I've recently bought!

Primark knickers £2.50-£3 per pack
I needed new underwear and I really like Primark's, so I stocked up! I love my briefs ;)

Primark cardigans £6 each
I've been looking for simple cardigans for ageesss, so was pleased when I saw these. They're not as long as the ones I normally wear, but I still like them.

New Look stretchy vests £3.99 and £2.49 for the string ones (navy one is in the wash)
I always wear a vest under my tops and needed some new ones. These are great quality and I'm definitely going to buy more.

Rymans academic week to view diary £4.99, WHSmith memory stick £9.99
I was going to buy a Filofax, but I only wanted one for the academic diary, so when I saw this one in Rymans, I snapped it up. It's simple and does the job :)

ASDA mugs £1.25 each
I bought a couple more mugs... I'm getting quite the collection!

Samsung Galaxy Ace, phone cases 3 for £2.79
I upgraded my phone. My previous phone was the Samsung Tocco Lite and I knew I wanted a touch screen Samsung again. I bought the cases from an eBay seller and I'm really impressed. Definitely going to buy a few more colours!


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