Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Ins and Outs / Update

I was thinking about writing this post earlier but then thought 'Best leave it to the end of the month, like the others'... and I've just realised it is the end of the month! I'll be sitting my January exams in a blink of an eye.

  • Yesterday I paid for my exam resits and Friday I will be able to pay for my revision guides. Some of you know that I've been having money problems recently and this is a huge weight off of my shoulders!
  • Following on with the school topic, I got my Psychology exam paper back. I asked to get it back because I didn't do so well and wanted to see where I went wrong. I was confused as to why I done so bad because the answers were all standard with a handful of them getting full marks. Found out that the grade boundaries were really high for this paper (50% getting you only an E). The next thing that really confused me was the last question. I got 0/12 and yet I fully and clearly explained my answers? I went to speak to my teacher and she said that she found out the night before and was absolutely fuming because I should have least got 6 marks. She's wrote a letter of complaint to Edexcel or whoever, demanding them to mark the last question.
  • I received a new bank card; Visa instead of my previous baby Solo. I'm so excited as I can now purchase products in Accessorize with my card! I don't know why Accessorize wouldn't accept my card when every other store did.
  • I have some shoes in the post! Again, this relates to the money problems. I only had one pair of dolly shoes to last me a month and a half (because that's when I would have spare money) and they are falling apart. New Look had free delivery but the only shoes that were under £8 (that's all I had) weren't very nice. I then looked on eBay and found a nice pair from New Look for £5.99 :) So I now have shoes to last me until November!
  • 18th birthday party Saturday... need I say more?!
  • I won two give away's today! One prize is a MAC lipstick (I chose Chatterbox because I like the finish and it's a bright pink; I can use less product to create a toned down pink) and the prizes from the other give away include a mascara, 17 Mirror Shine lipstick and Barry M Limited Edition Nail Paint (Along with other bits and pieces)
I feel as though people may be annoyed at this? Because a fair few people have said 'She always wins!'
I enter quite a few give away's (Like most) and don't win a huge percentage of them.
I've only won a couple from my fellow bloggers and a couple from companies. Yes I have had some luck in the last month and although I can't help winning, I feel bad that people may be getting annoyed with me.

  • Dry lips. I never get dry lips but have this week and I don't like it at all!
  • No clothes because of no money. I've been wearing the same two pairs of jeans and three hoodies for the past three weeks (Of course regularly washed!)


Sunday, 26 September 2010

Move away or stay home? (University related)

I need your opinions.. again!
I know people say 'Do what you want to do.' but I don't know what I want to do, I'm undecided so would like some opinions to help me along :)
I've got a whole year yet, but I would still like to know what you guys think.

Ok so, I'm going to list the good and bad points of moving away and staying home. There are probably more.

Key: (haha I'm cool)
+ = Positive
- = Negative

Falmouth (Moving away)
+ Give me a push to hopefully give me the confidence I need.
+ For this particular University you don't do exams, which I think will benefit me.
- I will have to budget and I've worked out that I won't have a lot of money.
- Applying and the whole moving process will be a lot of work.

Plymouth (Staying home)
+ Will have so much more money.
+ Will be comfortable (Good point, but then maybe I need to be taken out of my comfort zone?)
- This University do exams. Not that bad of a point, but I would prefer not to do them.
- I'm scared I won't make as many friends as people will already know their house mates and will also be together a lot more.

So there you go. I know a lot of people think moving away will be the better option, I would just like to hear all the points for both sides.. and some people prefer to stay at home.

Please let me know what you think!

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Simple Facial Washes

Click to enlarge

Simple do a handful of facial washes, each suitable for a specific need (Age Resisting, Radiance Brightening, Oil Balancing, Spotless Skin) but the two above are the two main facial washes in the range.

Left- Refreshing Facial Wash Gel: "Tired skin will look revived as you gently rinse away make-up, dirt and pollution with our Kind To Skin Refreshing Facial Wash Gel."

Right- Moisturising Facial Wash: "To avoid tight skin after washing use our Kind To Skin Moisturising Facial Wash for thoroughly cleansed and nourished skin."

Both are fragrance free and soap free, perfect for sensitive skin.
They also lather well and remove all traces of make up.
& you can save a few pennies with these being just £2-3 each.
If you're looking for an affordable, simple, everyday facial wash which will not irritate your skin, then these are perfect for you :)

For more information, visit Simple's website: Simple.


Everyday Minerals Blush- Soft Touch and Email Me

Everyday Minerals is a brand most people have heard of and if you haven't, take a look at their beautifully designed website and you'll soon be drawn in: Everyday Minerals.

Today I will be reviewing a couple of their blushes and tomorrow I will be reviewing a few of their eye shadows so stay tuned :)

Everyday Minerals offer a wide range of colours and have 28 shades of blush!
The two I received are Soft Touch and Email Me which I am very excited about as they are my first matte blushes!
You can also choose from sheen and shimmer finishes.

The packaging is simple which I really like.

There is also a cover you can slide across the sifter, to stop the product getting everywhere.

Soft Touch: "A creamy pink shade for those with Light to Medium skin and pink undertones. It can also be used to give cheeks a soft flush."

Email Me: "A light brown/beige matte shade with a kiss of pink."

Both of these are very pigmented taking only a small 'dab' of product to create the swatches.
The powders are considerably soft and blend easily.
The best part about these products is that they are extremely long lasting; the swatches in the above photo would not budge! and I still have a tinge of colour there now (Photo taken earlier, I do wash! haha)

The blushes are $8 which is around £5/6, so very affordable!

Overall, I would definitely recommend these; wide range of colours, great packaging, long lasting and affordable. Oh & they're mineral, so better for your skin :)

Again, here is the website: Everyday Minerals, you will not be disappointed.


Saturday, 18 September 2010

GOSH Intense Lip Colours

I've been wearing these all day and have gathered my thoughts and opinions on them. Although a day may seem like a short amount of time, with lip products, you can make your mind up with the first application.

These are new to the GOSH range and are part of the Autumn collection.

Here we have 301 and 302 which are the lightest shades of 6. All priced at £7.99 each.

301 is a natural light pink and 302 is a toffee colour with mauve tones coming through is certain lighting.

The packaging is great; simple yet sleek. They also include a mirror on the side and have a light in the lid, making them easier to use in darker lighting.

These are between a lipstick and a lip gloss; coverage of a lipstick and shine of a gloss. They are very pigmented and have a slight vanilla scent to them :)
They last a good few hours which is great when you think most lip glosses come off within half an hour.

Overall I am really impressed and will be taking a look at the other colours available! :)

You can buy these and other products from the GOSH range at Superdrug.


Impulse Very Pink Body Fragrance

Impulse say: "Feel fruitlitious with New Impulse Very Pink. A sparkling blend of pink grapefruit with a sweet base of vanilla scents that will inspire the most romantic gestures. Spray it all over your body and enjoy it's captivating scent!"

My thoughts: I, like many others, buy and enjoy Impulse fragrances regularly so when I received this, I wasn't sceptical at all. My favourite scents are fruity and sweet, with vanilla being at the top so I really like this (& will be buying when this one runs out!). Scents are really hard to describe but I agree with Impulse, it smells exactly how they have described it.
This will be available in Superdrug, 29th September and as we all know, Impulse is very affordable so what have you got to lose?


Thursday, 16 September 2010

Dry Shampoo Troubles

So, I haven't had the best relationship with dry shampoo. The first bottle I bought was over a year ago - Batiste Diva. I actually think I liked this, but it didn't last very long. Then a few months ago I bought Batiste Brunette; this just didn't work. It left my hair slightly grey and half way through my first time using it, it permanently clogged up. Thennn last week I bought Superdrug's own dry shampoo. This was when Batiste was on offer for 99p and Superdrug's own costs £1.49, but I wanted to try it and compare the two brands.
I don't particularly like this one either, I couldn't get the white out of my hair. I don't think this is the brands fault, but something I must be doing wrong as I've read countless good reviews on Batiste and some on Superdrug's own.

Earlier in the week, I found out that Batiste were on Twitter. I tweeted them saying that my Brunette dry shampoo clogged up after one use and they kindly said they would send me a new can. It arrived today and they also have included the Nude dry shampoo, which is very generous of them!

I'm most looking forward to using the Nude dry shampoo because the spray ones choke me (With powder being in the air and all). I think it'll take a little bit more work but I would rather that then not being able to breathe!

Reviews for both of these products will be up in the next few weeks :)

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Aveeno Hand Cream Review

Price: £4.99

Aveeno say: "Aveeno Intense Relief Hand Cream with Colloidal Oatmeal moisturises for up to 24 hours, forming a protective glove. Absorbs quickly and leaves skin soft."

My thoughts: The most important quality in a hand cream is for it to be non greasy as we all need to get on with our day to day tasks, without objects slipping out of our hands. As with all Aveeno products, this hand cream absorbs quickly, leaving no greasy residue. And of course, leaves your hands soft.

Would I recommend? Yes :)


I have been accepted on to the AVEENO® Discoverer Programme, helping to spread the word about AVEENO® products. I get sent free AVEENO® samples and have the possibility of being rewarded with additional benefits.

Thursday, 9 September 2010

First Light Cosmetics Review

I was recently sent a few products from First Light Cosmetics. I got to choose what I wanted which I think is a bonus as sometimes companies can send you a shade that isn’t suited for your skin tone.

First Light Cosmetics are a company that sell 100% mineral make up.

First Light say: “First light products are completely natural and 100% free of the chemicals and preservatives that are used to “fill out” many other cosmetics.

“And Our minerals are not only free of all the nasty stuff, they are also healing and caring, hypo-allergenic, noncomedogenic and protect from the effects of pollution and sun damage with a natural level of SPF.”

Sounds pretty good!

I’ve also noticed that you get more product with First Light than other mineral brands, which is always a plus! Mineral make up can last for a good amount of time as you need so little, and with First Light giving you more, it’ll last you even longer, so you’re definitely getting your money’s worth.

The products came in this gorgeous pouch (Produced by disadvantaged women. First Light are committed to “helping women in economically disadvantaged parts of the world to develop their own commercial enterprises.”) Which I think is a thoughtful touch. You know how we all like pretty packaging!

The first product I chose was the Perfect Finish in Air Kiss. I’ve wanted to try a product like this for a while so this was a definite must have!

First Light claim: “Made of the finest, lightest minerals, our “Perfect Finish” powder gives the airbrushed effect you've been waiting for! Dust over your make up to perfect your look & keep in your handbag to keep the shine off all day long. Perfect Finish works by absorbing excess oil and reducing the appearances of pores, imperfections and fine lines. It can also work as a foundation if you want a more transluscent look.”

“Air Kiss: A perfect transluscent finish suitable for all skin tones.”

My thoughts: If a product claims to make me look flawless, my ears perk up and listen closely.

Here is the before and after photos: (I'm sorry for the messy hair.. and genetics :P)

Bare face, with Perfect Finish. The after photo looks lighter, I'm not sure whether this is the lighting or the product (A bit of both I presume).

I chose Air Kiss because it’s a product that will suit all skin tones.

I haven't noticed a great difference to make me go 'Oooh' and 'Ahhh' but I think it's slightly evened out my skin tone. It's similar to a normal powder, evening and 'smoothing' out your skin.

I haven’t tried ELF’s version of this ‘perfect finish’ powder so don’t know if it is any better, but with ELF you get 17.8g of product for £5 and with First Light you get 10g of product for £12.99, which is a significant difference (£8 less + 7.8g more with ELF’s version.)

Next up is one of their blushers in Kohilo. I know, I know, ANOTHER pretty candy pink! As if we need anymore! But I couldn’t resist; candy pinks lure me in as they’re just too darn beautiful!

First Light claim: “I'll have what she's having!!” Our 100% mineral blusher is as gentle as a breeze, kissing your cheek with silky sheer colour. For a natural, healthy flush that releases your inner radiance!”

Kohilo: “An air kiss of pale shimmery pink for any skin tone.”

My thoughts: Although this is described as ‘shimmery’, don’t be put off. I personally like a bit of ‘shimmy shimmy’ *do appropriate dance move* but this product’s shimmer is so finely milled, it gives you more of a sheen/glow. First Light blushes are priced at £7.99 which I think is a reasonable price as one will last you a long time.

It was hard to capture the colour on camera so I've also included a few 'face' pictures. Again it's not showing how pink this blush is but you can see the glow it gives:

EDIT: A day on and I love this blush ten times more! It's gorgeous! Gives a beautiful glow under or over the Perfect Finish.

Overall, I am really enjoying using these, you get a good amount of product and I love the packaging. Here is the website if you fancy having a browse: http://www.firstlightcosmetics.com/


Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Sleek Professional 21 Piece Brush Set Review

Last week I received my prize from a Sleek competition. I was going to use the brushes for a week, wash them and use them for another week but I have fully developed my thoughts on them so I think it's time! I also washed a few earlier today so I can tell you how they hold up.

My camera is playing up so unfortunately I haven't got photos of the individual brushes, but I will soon!

I'll start with the positives: I like all of the small brushes, especially the light brown ones as they're so soft yet dense.
The light brown small concealer brush is perfect for filling in my eyebrows. There is an eyebrow brush - slanted, black and firm but I prefer to use a softer one.
There is a small (Yep you've guessed it, light brown!) rectangle brush perfect for lining your eyes.
The lip brush, also light brown is very handy as it slides in and out of a silver lid, so you can pop it in your bag and touch up throughout the day.
The foundation brush is very soft and firm, making it perfect for application.

Now for the bad:
I really don't like the powder brush and blusher brush; the two largest black ones. They feel quite scratchy (Especially compared to my ELF Studio brushes) and the first time I used the powder brush, it shed three hairs! Since I've had my ELF Complexion brush, it hasn't shed one.
I then washed the powder brush earlier and yet three more hairs fell out (I was extremely gentle with the brush too) but the most horrendous thing about this brush is this:

The colour ran! Can you believe that? As soon as the brush made contact with the water, black water just kept coming out.

This is such a shame because the other brushes are great, it's just these black ones which:
1. Are slightly scratchy
2. Shed hair
3. Turns everything black when comes into contact with water!

Overall, I rate this set as 60-70% positive. I know 30% negative for 2 or 3 brushes might sound steep, but you have to consider that powder and blusher brushes, to me, are the two most important brushes to have in a set.


Tuesday, 7 September 2010

The shampoo I'm tempted to eat

Alberto Balsam Strawberries and Cream Shampoo.
Intense nourishment for dry/damaged hair.

This smells exactly like the 'Strawberries and cream' sweets - It's ah-mazing!

I love Alberto Balsam shampoos and conditioners; there are a lot of yummy fragrances, they lather well and are very affordable.
They are usually around a pound for 400ml but occasionally are on offer (3 for £2, 4 for £3..) and at the moment you can buy 3 for £2 in Superdrug.
I also picked up Sunkissed Raspberry Shampoo and Juicy Green Apple Conditioner:


Beautiful gifts from beautiful people!

One of my best friends, Kelly, made me a bracelet and it's oh so beautiful. Kelly asked me what my favourite colour is and my favourite animal. My favourite colour is blue and I have many favourite animals but I do love elephants.
So today I was presented with this:
How beautiful is that?! It's a slightly lighter blue in real life and has cute silver elephants on it. Kelly is thinking of making a few more and selling them if any of you are interested - I certainly am!

And thennnn, Sarah, another friend gave me these:
She went on holiday so brought a little gift back. These are very simple and colourful, just what I like :)

Thank you so much! I love you guys (Only Kelly will see this as she follows my blog - Hi! :D)

Monday, 6 September 2010

Update on my school life, interesting I know ;)

I have no idea what I'm going to write but feel the need to blog! & this is one of those posts where most of you couldn't give a monkey's ass but I like to have a little ramble :)
Ok so, I'm now in my last year of sixth form! Gosh, University is right around the corner.
I've decided to carry on with English Language, English Media and Psychology. Although I love Biology, I'm dropping it because it has so much content, it will take away my time from the other subjects.
I'm going to have to work extremely hard this year. My Psychology results were really poor which really upset me because I answered all the questions with confidence and don't know where I went wrong. I'm a good student in class and do well, but I obviously am doing something wrong in the exams. I'm getting my paper back to see where I went wrong.
I'm going to be paranoid that my teacher will see me as the dumb student from now on.
She also said that normally when students get D's/E's in AS, they normally get E's at A2, but I know I'm better than that.
I didn't revise much for AS because I didn't revise for GCSE's and got A's and B's so I thought I'd do ok. But I know now that I need to knuckle down and get revising months before the exams, not weeks before.
For the re-sits, getting my exam paper back and revision books, it's going to cost around £70.. which I don't have. I'm really going to have to scrape by and definitely won't be able to buy a laptop for school any time soon.
As for University choices... I don't want to go up North. There isn't any particular reason, I know the Universities up there are amazing, I just want to stay down South. In fact, all the Universities I want to go to are all along the South Coast haha.
For most, I need a B in English to do my chosen course (English with Media) but I only need CCD for Falmouth which is reassuring. I'm still going to try my best but it's good to know I have a back up. Falmouth is in Cornwall and is an Art University but they do English with Media. I think the entry grades are so low because it's not a popular subject choice as most people go there to do Art.

So that's it! This was just a ramble to myself to get my thoughts together, thank you for reading, if anyone has!


Saturday, 4 September 2010

My diddy nails of the day.

Boots 17 Fast Finish Nail Polish in Firecracker. I love this colour!

Look how short my nails are! I have really short nail beds. They're like the third of the size of normal nails :( Even when I grow them waayyyy past my finger tips, they look average, but then they break so have to cut them down.

Now I've never used the title 'Nails Of The Day' because I never wear nail polish for a day, I wear it for a week (Hence the titles 'Nails Of The Week') but unfortunately I could only wear this for a day because it chips a lot. I put this on last night and this morning I had 4+ chips :( and I used a top coat.
I'm still going to wear it again because I love the colour orange and every time I wear it, it could be a different story for chipping (Although I haven't done particular much since last night so the story will probably be the same!)

Have a good day :)

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