Saturday, 30 January 2010


A few weeks back, I won Sarah's competition - Thank you!
I received the package a few days ago containing Skin MD natural shielding lotion and some samples. I'm glad I won as this 120ml bottle is £14.99! Will be reviewing soon :)

Superdrug have also sent me some goodies. The NYC products came a few days ago and I received the Elite products a while back but I didn't mention them in a post because I didn't want people to think I was bragging. I will be reviewing these products as soon as possible. I have already reviewed the NYC Mosaic Face Powder a few posts down as I already have this product.


Thank you Dove :)

I received this in the post this morning from Dove. I signed up to Dove a while ago now and as they knew when my birthday was, they sent this cute card and body wash. Its small things like this which make me smile, so thank you Dove :)

NYC Mosaic Face Powder - Pink Cheek Glow

Shade: Pink Cheek Glow

Price: £3.99

Where to find: Superdrug

What they say: N.Y.C. New York Colour Mosaic Face Powders are ultra sheer soft, natural pressed powders. N.Y.C. New York Colour Mosaic Face Powders are made up of four harmonizing hues in one mosaic powder in the right combination of colours to enhance skin tones. When the four neutral colours in N.Y.C. New York Colour Mosaic Pressed Powders are blended together, they create a perfect single shade that balances and enhances all skin undertones.

What I say: This gives the cheeks a natural glow and is not shimmery, which I know some people hate. Its not high in pigmentation which for me is a good thing because it means the colour is build-able and I don't end up looking like a clown after one swipe. The type of brush you use to apply this definitely depends on the pigmentation of the end result. For example, my ELF blush brush gives a more intense colour than my ELF complexion brush as it is more dense.

I don't think this is the best blush I have used as its just an average colour blush, but it is a good subtle product for every day use.

Would I repurchase? Yes, although I will not need to for a while as there is a lot of product!


Monday, 25 January 2010

& a few more...

I received a few more birthday presents today! Lucky me :)

Hand warmer, Lush Avobath ballistic, Accessorize anchor earrings & a chocolate slab from Thorntons (Which I ate)

Here is a close up of the earrings. The photo is such bad quality! I really can not wait to get a camera.

Not as many posts this week because I have a lot of coursework to do, but will try and get a few up.

Friday, 22 January 2010

A few more...

Here are a few more presents I got for my birthday which I forgot to include in the last post. More chocolate - yum!, watermelon purse with two lip glosses, manicure set and a cute little pot.
I've just got back from my birthday 'party' which was really fun, although I didn't win at bowling! but I did have the whole of the restaurant sing happy birthday and a large chocolate cake :)

Thursday, 21 January 2010

My Birthday!

It was my birthday Wednesday (20th January) and I was 17 :)
My sister got up at 4am to make me a birthday cupcake and breakfast - how sweet!
Tomorrow is my birthday 'party' where me and 18 friends are going out for a meal and then bowling because I haven't been in years!

Here are my presents from friends:

Lots of goodies! There's two mini cheesecakes because my best friend knows how much I love my cheesecake lol, a hugeeee hoody because my other friend knows I love them, a bottle of Irish Meadow (Same as Bailey's but with a different name) and lots of other stuff which you can see :)

Here's some close ups of a few presents which you might not be able to see from the photo above:

How cute are these Accessorize stickers?

Lovely necklaces :)

5 pairs of earrings and a ring. The ring and three pairs of earrings are from Accessorize - my friends know me too well.

A close up of a pair from Accessorize which I loveeeeeeee!

A cute chocolate monkey!

Small Asda Haul

Gorgeous clips, around £3-4 each

Stationary. Colouring pencils around £1, Packs of pens £1 per pack, Notebooks £2-3

Avon Earrings

Just a quick post to show you these cute earrings from Avon for just £1.50 :)

Saturday, 16 January 2010

EyesLipsFace All Over Color Sticks Review

Left to right: Pink Lemonade, Persimmon, Lilac Petal, Spotlight

EyesLipsFace say: 3 in 1 color for your eyes, lips, and or face! Get the color that illuminates for a healthy glow, and instantly soothes and conditions the skin for fresh and natural color all day long.

I say: I really like these! Gorgeous colours, shimmery and does slightly illuminate. Pink Lemonade and Spotlight are my favourite because Pink Lemonade is a perfect blush colour and Spotlight is really good for a highlighter. As for trying on my lips and eyes: I've dabbed some on my lips and this looks nice but haven't tried on my eyes, only as a highlight.

People have complained about the amount of product you get, their bad for oily skin and they cause breakouts.
I personally don't agree this these because I expected the amount of product as I've already had a stick like these - The product does not go all the way down!
I have oily skin and I don't find them to be greasy at all.
I haven't had any breakouts with these.

Any cons?: The company say these sticks 'sooth and condition' - I do not agree. I don't find them creamy so I would suggest warming them up with your finger so they will blend better when applying.

Would I re-purchase? Yes :)


Next Boots

My boots arrived today! Next said 4-5 working days and they arrived in 2 days! It was a really nice surprise as I wasn't expecting them. They were £35 which for me, is a little expensive but most of the shoes I own are from Primark so I deserve to splash out on at least one pair!
Inside is lined with cushion and they are extremely comfy. I've tried them on with a number of outfits and they look amazing with everything. I actually think its love.

Look so much better than in the photo!

Mentioned these boots in a few posts now: me wanting to get them, me ordering them and now me having them lol


Friday, 15 January 2010

Newlook Haul

I really like the pattern on this. Looks better when you zoom in.

I love this top because the back of it is see through lace (Looks white because on manikin). This will show all of my back without looking tarty.

& finally some tights.

Planning on wearing the long top, tights and black suede ankle boots. I'll try and take pictures on my rubbish camera phone (Still haven't got a camera yet! I'm hoping February)

I'll do another post when they and the boots arrive to show you what they look like on etc...

Thursday, 14 January 2010


I've ordered the boots! (See post below). I'm slightly peeved though because to order from Next, you have to be 18 or older. I can have sex and get pregnant, yet I can not order online? erm ok. All the other sites I have bought off of do not have that age requirement. I lied about my age though, I want the boots so badly! lol. It doesn't matter anyway, the age requirement is there so Next don't get in trouble (Normally with angry parents when their daughters have bought too much! haha) and they can say 'Well it is in the terms and conditions'. I also have my dads permission, so what can they do? NOTHING.

Got work experience to think about, and now I am having Careers lessons to help me decide which Uni's to go too, its so scary! I think I want to do something along the lines of Advertising/Media but that's all I know. I wish I knew exactly what I wanted to do so I can have a clear path to go down. This also sounds stupid, but I can't go to a Uni on my own, I just can't. I can't even get a part time job because I'm so shy and nervous! I just want to know someone when going 'up a level in life' lol.

My birthday on the 20th! Wooo. On the 22nd me and 17 friends are going Pizza Hut and Bowling lol, simple and fun + were not old enough to go out on the town!

If you have read this, I appreciate it!

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Roll on Friday!

Can not wait till Friday! That's when I get my money and I have already added a top, jumper and tights to my Newlook basket ready to buy. I have also added a pair of black suede ankle boots to my Next basket. They are slouchy and exactly what I've been looking for! I was going to get brown or grey but I think black look better when wearing black tights or leggings. They are £35 which for me, is a bit pricey, but since I have been buying cheap Primark shoes (I love my £1.96 shoes though!) I think I can allow myself to buy one pair of expensive shoes!
Here is a picture of them:


Tuesday, 12 January 2010

EyesLipsFace Haul

The shipping was very fast, arrived in two days :)

Before this haul, I had two make-up brushes: an eyelash/brow comb and an old blush brush which I used everything for so I was in need of a few brushes:

Complexion Brush £3.50

Blush Brush £3.50

Eye shadow C Brush £3.50

^ These are all extremely soft and am looking at ordering more.

Eyelash & Brow Wand £1.50

Mechanical Eyelash Curler £1.50

^ These seem pretty good so far.

All Over Color Stick in Pink Lemonade £1.50

All Over Color Stick in Persimmon £1.50

All Over Color Stick in Lilac Petal £1.50

All Over Color Stick in Spotlight £1.50

^ I've had a stick like these before. So far I really like them, the only problem is, their not very creamy (The stick I've already got (From a magazine lol) is very creamy) so I would suggest warming these up on your finger before applying.

Mini Make-up Collection FREE as I spent over £15.

^ The eyeshadows are sooo soft! & the blush is just gorgeous, like a coral with subtle shimmer. Does anyone know if this blush is sold separately? Like, is a shade from the mineral blushes, or is it the same blush from the duo? Because I want to buy it in full.

Full reviews of products coming soon.

I've been wanting to order so much of their products for a while now but when ordering, I just didn't want anything. I have all the make-up I need.

My birthday is next Wednesday so my sister took me into Superdrug the other day so I can pick out any make-up products I wanted - There was nothing I wanted! I'm quite pleased with myself lol


Sunday, 10 January 2010

Lush Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly Review

Sweetie Pie
For Christmas, my mum received the 'Sparkle' gift set, but as she already has too many body products, she gave me this!


Sweet and sophisticated fruitiness. Lashings of blackcurrant and bergamot essential oils in a sour cherry and coconut jelly make this about as fruity as you can get. It is incredibly difficult to resist taking a spoonful. Instead, take a handful and smooth it over your hair and body. Passing strangers will smell you and find their minds wandering to fruit pastilles.


£2.30 for 100g

My Review:

This smells like sweet blackcurrant - mmmm and the smell lingers which is always good. It lathers up really well and leaves your skin feeling soft and clean.

As it is a jelly, I found it quite hard to hold without it slipping everywhere so I think it would be better to use frozen. This way you can crush it on to your body and as it would be cold, it will refresh your skin.

Would I repurchase: No. Not because the product is bad, its actually very good. But £2.30 for a shower gel is quite expensive and there are loads of regular shower gels which do the same job, but for less.

Saturday, 9 January 2010


I've just ordered from ELF!

Believe it or not, the only make-up brushes I own are a eye lash/brow comb and a rubbish blush brush which I have been using for everything: face powder, corrective powder, blush and bronzer - it just will not do!

I got a few brushes and some All Over Color Sticks. For ages I've been wanting to buy all of their bronzers, blushes, concealers etc... but when ordering, I just didn't want any. I have all of the make-up I need already, so I just ordered the colour sticks for blush and highlighting. They have a new shade called spotlight which is like a white so I'll be seeing how this does for a highlighter.


Friday, 8 January 2010

Hard Lush Decisions...

I like everything from Lush but personally, I find the bath ballistics a waste of a few pounds as their used up so quickly! I also don't use face masks and find their body butters and facial cleansers etc... a bit expensive. But I do want to start using soap more often. There are 8 I want and it comes to just over 20 pounds for all 8. This is waaay too much money to spend on soap! But I can't limit them down :(

Rock Star

Porridge soap

Vanilla In The Mist

Ice Blue

Honey I Washed The Kids

I Should Coco


MudFlats (In retro section. Had before and really liked it)

Superdrug Haul

I bought this little lot today :) - I only went in for some shampoo!

I've tried about five of Vitamin E's products as my mum got them for Christmas. I really like them so I thought I'd get some more, plus I need a good routine :)

Cleanser and eye make-up remover 2 for £3

Facial scrub 2 for £3 ( Couldn't find a picture of the scrub so used the facial wash instead. I've already been using this scrub and like it more than St.Ives. It has oaty bits in it :) )

Moisture cream 2 for £3 - I need to start moisturising!

Illuminating moisture cream 2 for £3 (Packaging is different to what is shown above, crappy Superdrug website!) I am really looking forward to trying this out.

Original Source Lime shower gel £1

Original Source Lemon shower gel £1. I love both of these so much! They smell divine and the lemon one, to me, smells like lemon cheesecake - mmmm!

Coconut & Sweet Almond shampoo 97p

I also got a free pack of face wipes because I spent over £5. Do you think their trying to get rid of them? lol


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