Thursday, 30 December 2010

Accessorize Make-up

I finally bought some Accessorize make-up! I was a bit apprehensive as when non-make-up related stores bring out their own range of products, they can be a little shoddy. I LOVE the two products I picked up and am definitely going to be purchasing more!

Blush in Pretty Pink £5

Eyeshadow in Champagne £4


You get a whopping 8g of blush and 2.5g of eyeshadow which is great value for money. The blush is a blush and highlight in one and gives the most beautiful glow. I haven't seen many reviews on the eyeshadow which is surprising as it's the perfect highlight. Champagne is very pigmented and again, gives a lovely glow. Both products feel creamy and blend easily.

I'm definitely going to be purchasing a few more products; Starlet blush, High Maintenance duo eyeshadow and Golden Sands bronzer (This is also a fantastic highlight, I cannot get enough of them!)


Tuesday, 28 December 2010

One extra purchase

I went in town this morning and what I bought is in the previous post but I had to go back in. My sister wanted to return the coat she bought and being the good sister I am (:P), went in with her. I popped into Accessorize and saw this purse, but left without it. At the bus stop I regretted not buying it so we quickly went back. It was £7.50 down from £15.



2011 Diary £8.49.
I've been looking for a diary for weeks! I'm so fussy. Finally found this one and I love it :)

Botanics Golden Glow Body Lotion £2.99 (Free as it was 3 for 2), Botanics Pore Perfecting Toner £2.99, Botanics Pore Perfecting Deep Clean Mousse £3.99, Palmers Cocoa Butter Stick £2.69.
I have quite a lot of skincare products but I thought I'd try the Botanics range out as I've read tons of amazing reviews. The Palmers stick was just something I wanted!

Nail Varnish Remover £1.99, Accessorize Eyeshadow in Champagne £4, Accessorize Blush in Pretty Pink £5.50, GOSH Effect Powders in Gold Dust and Satin £1 each in sale, Collection 2000 Base Coat £2.49 (Free as it was 3 for 2).
The Accessorize eyeshadow and blush give an amazing glow. The eyeshadow is the perfect highlight.

Cotton Pads 50p each, White shower thingy 84p, Pink shower thingy 45p, Palmers Lip Balm 97p.
The shower thingy's (Bath lilies, body mops or whatever) have 'suckers' on them which come in very handy!

Online I've ordered a Boots Extracts gift set containing 5 yummy 50ml body butters. This was half price, £5.

And from The Body Shop, I've ordered the large strawberry holdall which was £14 down from £35.

I need a coat, cardigans, shoes and camera, but they're for another day!


Monday, 27 December 2010

Wavy Hair

I used to wear my hair wavy quite a lot but then I had it cut and couldn't achieve the same look. My hair is now long again so I can. I plait it at night in 4-6 sections and then take it out in the morning. With this hair style, I can do my hair in 20 seconds, saving a lot of time!


Saturday, 25 December 2010

Christmas Nails

Earlier on in the week my nails were painted red but they got completely ruined as I have been decorating my room (Wrong time I know, I just couldn't wait!). Last night I couldn't be bothered to paint them with another red because it's the one colour that takes me a while to paint. I've also worn different shades of reds for two weeks so wanted something different.

George (Asda) nail polish in Warrior.

It's the only goldish colour I have but I really like it as it's subtle and not tacky.


Thursday, 23 December 2010

Make-up collection and storage!

The storage I ordered from WHSmith just arrived! I quickly took some photos because I was excited to show you haha

The Blossom drawers were £14.99 and the Bounce shoe box was £6.99.

Oh and they are not going to be placed on the shelf like in the photos, I'm just in the middle of decorating my room!

Ta daaaa! It's the perfect size for my make-up!

Nail polish storage:

The box is huge! But fits everything in nicely :)


Another long bronze necklace!

This is my third long bronze necklace from eBay, the others being this one (Owl) and this one (Pocket watch). I wear the owl and pocket watch necklaces all the time!
This one cost £3.50 and I think the flower design is cute. I'm not too sure on the peace sign inside though, but all I have to do is not open it!
This necklace, along with the pocket watch one is from this seller:


Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Boots Extracts Vanilla Body Butter

Price: £7.75 for 200ml

'Extracts vanilla body butter intensively moisturises and hydrates, leaving skin soft and smooth.

Extracts vanilla body butter is organic, sustainably sourced & fairtrade.'

This isn't the cheapest body butter, but it's cheaper than The Body Shop and it's a price I'm happy to pay.The two things I look for in a body butter are: it has to smell delicious and the consistency has to be thick. Vanilla is my favourite scent, so obviously I adore the smell. It's very sweet, maybe too overpowering for some, but I personally love it. The consistency is very thick; if I run my finger over it, no product is picked up. I have to run my finger over it quite forcefully, which I don't mind because I love thick body butters. It moisturises well, I've never come across a body butter or lotion that doesn't moisturise well. It also sinks into your skin well. I think it's a bonus that the products from the Boots Extracts range are fairtrade.

I love this body butter and would definitely choose this brand over The Body Shop. I've also got their Cocoa Butter body butter, which smells like chocolate, is just as thick and deeply moisturises.

Boots are doing a gift set which includes 5 50ml Boots Extracts body butters. This is £10 and on my wish list (Will be even better if it's in the Christmas/January sale!)


Saturday, 18 December 2010

Nail Polish Collection

I wrote a nail polish collection post two months ago but since then I've accumulated 20 more polishes! The photos are rubbish, cannot wait for a new camera!
If you want to see a colour on my nails, just type the colour of the polish in the search bar at the top.

Nail art brushes are from eBay :)

Barry M:
Coral 296, Pure Turquoise 295, Mint Green 304, Bright Pink 279, Pink Flamingo 305, Strawberry Ice cream 309, Limited Edition, Indigo 312, Raspberry 273, Boots Limited Edition 030, Clear 54.

Lily, Megan, Gwen, Olivia, Blake, Lauren.

Boots 17:
Catwalk Couture, Pink Grapefruit, Fire Cracker, Ruby Dazzle, Royal Indido, True Blue.

Wild 82, Exotic 63, Vivacious 60, Demure 65, Refined 59, Impulsive 83, Proud 80.

Collection 2000 and Miss Sporty:
Sparkle Top Coat, Show Off 23, BMX Bandit 32, Electric Beige 251, Zodiac 203, Peachy 30.

No7 and Barbara Daley (Tesco):
Damson Dream 105, Clear 20, Shock, Velvet.

Nubar 2010, Rimmel Rose Libertine, Andrea Fulerton Debbie, George (Asda) Warrior 45, L'oreal Deep Geranium 603.

+ Star Gazer Neon Pink 104 (Somewhere in my room!).


Friday, 17 December 2010

Someday Summary

Haven't wrote one of these for a few weeks because my life is boring! This post is about the little things that have amused me which I want to share with you :)

  • It's finally snowed in the South West! It was coming down heavy earlier but has now stopped. We should have a lot more tomorrow morning.

  • My new loves. These are my Newlook '32in Crinkle Skinny Jean' £19.99. I'm not sure what colour I have but I think they're either Klein Blue or Blue Pattern. The picture does not do them justice at all! They're not crinkly on the knees, that's just where I've been wearing them.

  • This is what one of my best friends Kelly got me for Christmas. It is a Poinsettia, the leaves turn red at Christmas/Winter time. I love it :) I now have 9 plants in my windowsill haha

  • Another friend got me the most useful Christmas present. She knows I want to paint my room so she got me paint and painting accessories ^. The paint is with her at the moment because it was too heavy to bring in!

  • We had a student from Plymouth University (My first choice) come in and talk to us, basically about everything. It scared me to death and I didn't want to go Uni, but afterwards I spoke to her and asked questions, which made me feel better :)
  • Falmouth University is the one University I haven't heard from yet (The rest giving me conditionals) and they want to do an interview. I am terrified as I haven't done one before. All the other Universities didn't need to interview me.

  • I am now on Christmas holidays which normally is a good time but this year I have to revise for my January exams and do my Media coursework. I'm planning on doing 2-3 hours of revision each day. I'm so annoyed with Media because it's getting in the way of my revision.


The Pink Cow Vanilla Biscuit shower gel

Price: £2.99 (Currently on offer at Boots for £2)

'The Pink Cow Vanilla Biscuit shower gel:

1. Please don't eat this product.... Its only for your skin only.
2. Tested on us not animals.
3. Suitable for vegetarians.
4. Our fragrance is allergen free.'

There are two things I look for in a shower gel and they are: To have a delicious scent and to lather well. Vanilla is my favourite scent so this definitely has the first quality, it smells amazing! Even if this shower gel didn't lather well, I think I would still buy it because the scent is that good. Luckily though, this does lather well. I'm sat here smelling yummy and feeling soft :)

Other fragrances include: Lemon Cheesecake, Strawberry Sundae, Coconut Creme and Mint Candy. I'm definitely going to re-purchase and try the other scents.


Monday, 13 December 2010

Nails Of The Week and Republic Rings

Barry M's Raspberry Nail Paint. Gorgeous no?

And today I'm wearing two of the rings I bought from Republic:

For all 4 they were £4.99 :)


Sunday, 12 December 2010

Fancy a break?

Radisson Blu hotels are running a competition for a chance to win trips away and vouchers!

All you have to do is go to and take part in the quiz. If you're good at trivia and geography, you'll find this easy. You only have to answer 3 questions and it's so quick to do. You have to be at least 18 to enter.

I must admit, I’m not too good with geography, but the pictures the questions provide are very helpful and even if I didn’t get them all right, I was still entered into the competition with a chance to win :)

Weekly, until January 3rd, Radisson Blu are giving away a weekend for two at one of the following wonderful Radisson hotels: Milan, Madrid, Berlin, Helsinki or Hamburg.

But there's even more of an incentive to swot up on your European geography! Contestants who get all three answers correct are entered into a prize draw to win one of 1000 Radisson Blu giftcards over the campaign period. These include:


·         860 worth €20

·         120 worth €50

·         20 worth €100


I'm definitely going to enter because I haven't been to many places; France and Holland to be precise.  Holland was fantastic, I went with the school so we really got to explore the sites. One day, we hopped over to Germany and went to Phantasialand. It was amazing! One of the best theme parks I've ever been to and I totally recommend it. I think it's 10x better than Alton Towers. I love culture and exploring what a country has to offer, rather than sun bathing and relaxing. I hope that one day in my life I will be able to go to Milan, and with this competition, I may have the chance. Italy is one of the places I would love to go, because it's country and culture has so much to offer. I also love a bit of spaghetti bolognese and pizza ;)


Where would you love to go?


Radisson Blue Quiz 

Radisson Blue Quiz



Sponsored Post

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I didn't get a lot of want I intended to, like a coat, shoes and hat but I like what I did buy :)
I'm giving up on looking for a coat, I've looked everywhere!

32 inch skinny jeans £19.99

Rings £4.99. How pretty are these?!

250g chocolate slab £5, The Pink Cow Vanilla Biscuit shower gel £2 (Normally £2.99), Boots Extracts Vanilla body butter 200ml £7.75, Boots Extracts Cocoa Butter body butter 50ml £2.50.
I LOVE the scent of vanilla and have been wanting to get a vanilla body butter for ages. I got two mini Cocoa Butter's because it was 3 for 2 and got one free.

Nivea Tinted Moisturiser £1.99 (Half price), Emery boards 99p, Barry M Vivid Purple, Raspberry and Clear £2.95 each (Clear was free as it is 3 for 2 in Superdrug)

Mum's birthday card £1.59.

The chocolate slab, Boots Extracts Cocoa Butter, Nivea Tinted Moisturiser and Barry M's Vivid Purple are for my mum's birthday on Wednesday.


Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Nail art brushes and rhinestones.

I used and washed these brushes yesterday and just have to show you them!

These are from eBay. I paid £1.03 and I'm more than happy! I wouldn't mind paying a lot more. The straight ones are great for eyeliner but my favourite two are on the far right. The dotting tool is great for creating dots (Duh!) and the small brush is perfect for details.
The seller I bought these from has not re-listed them but there are tons of sellers selling them for around £2.

I bought these rhinestones for 99p and again, a lot of sellers sell them. The rhinestones are 1.5mm in diameter, I'm thinking of ordering some bigger ones. These are very tricky to apply but practise makes perfect! Don't be fooled by photos, the wheel is a lot small than you think. It fits in the palm of my hand and is the size of a cotton wool pad, which isn't a problem, just thought I'd let you know :)

I want to get some fine glitter now, I think it would look gorgeous along the tips of your nails.

Nail art for a few pounds!


Nails Of The Week!

17's Pink Grapefruit is one of my favourite pinks! I wanted to try out my nail art brushes so I used the dotting tool to create a simple dotted design. The colour of the dots is Barry M's Indigo.


Monday, 6 December 2010

Sponsored posts and blogging for 'freebies'.

I wanted to write a quick post on the above subjects because what you think of me, means a lot.

I know a lot of people don't like sponsored posts. I've wrote one, I'll be writing another and that is all the sponsored posts I will do.
*Cue excuse* haha. Our boiler is broke, meaning no heating and no hot water. We cannot afford to get a new one so the money from these posts are going towards a boiler.

I don't have a problem with sponsored posts, it's the blogger's choice, but I don't want to write any more because I don't want to lose respect from the people who don't like them.

I would like to think I've made a few friends through blogging and hopefully, one day I can meet them. I want to keep you guys as friends, I don't want to be someone you dislike.

Another point I would like to bring up is the whole blogging for freebies situation. I've come across a few bloggers who do blog for freebies and I've unfollowed.
I, in no way, blog for freebies. They are a bonus, but if they were taken away, I wouldn't care and would still keep on blogging.
Just thought I'd clarify that in case any of you had doubts. & if you did, shame on you! haha I would never do that.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that ALL my reviews are honest. I have wrote negative things on products I've been sent, because it's my honest opinion.
I've also stopped putting disclaimers at the bottom of my posts because whether a product was sent to me or not is not going to affect my opinion.


Friday, 3 December 2010

Stargazer nail polish - 104

Price: £2.50

This is the perfect bright/neon pink with fine shimmer and will definitely brighten your day.
The formula is amazing; smooth, full coverage in 1-2 coats and I've had mine for a year and a half and the formula hasn't changed :)

These polishes are so underrated, the price is really affordable, great formula and there is a large range of colours.
I have a few more but am definitely going to pick up some others :)


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