Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Sleek True Colour Lipsticks

Stiletto, Papaya Punch, Coral Reef, Peaches & Cream, Barely There, Liqueur, Baby Doll, Fuchsia, Amped, Mystic.

Stiletto (Matte)

Papaya Punch (Matte)

Coral Reef (Sheen)

Peaches & Cream (Sheen)

Barely There (Sheen)

Liqueur (Sheen)

Baby Doll (Sheen)

Fuchsia (Sheen) (Slightly more pink IRL)

Amped (Matte)

Mystic (Matte)

Price: £4

My cheeks hurt from all the smiling, my lips hurt from wiping off all the lipstick and my brain hurts from going through 200+ photos, but I'm finally showing you the Sleek True Colour lipsticks!
These lipsticks are incredibly pigmented and last well, especially the matte shades. I prefer the sheen formula, just because it's easier to apply, but if you want your lipstick to last longer, the matte shades will be great for you.
Most of the lipsticks in this range are bright, which doesn't appeal to me because I don't wear such daring colours. I prefer natural pink (aka boring) shades.
My favourite would have to be Liqueur, because it is the most natural, everyday shade. I also love the colour of Coral Reef, but don't have the confidence to wear it! The shade I hate the most would have to be Baby Doll. It makes me look dead! Trust me, the photo is making it look a lot better than it actually is.


I won these in a competition.


  1. Wow you are a perfectionist those pics r amazing :) love seeing all the colours actually on lips great post

  2. wow, I love them ALL. They look so creamy! xxx

  3. Those colours are all so gorgeous (: I wish I was lucky enough to win them like you! xxxx

  4. love the Stiletto, Papaya Punch and Barely there lippy's - so pretty, love it - definitely going to check out the range!
    Krissy xoxo


  5. Great pictures! I love the look of Stiletto, looks like my kind of red. x

  6. Your teeth look so lovely and white :) x

  7. I'm definitely going to be picking up "coral reef" x

  8. I love peaches & cream and barely there! The corals are beautiful as well :) I always love your lip swatches, your teeth are perfect - always get jealous ;)


  9. I love posts like this where I can see some of the different finishes and a ton of the shades!
    Although alot of them look gorgeous so I think I might be expanding my lipstick collection soon:)
    Liqeur, Babydolll, Mystic and papaya punch are all so pretty!! x

  10. I really need to get Coral Reef - I love it so much. xo

  11. i really want to try these out now! The formula looks quite creamy.

  12. Ooooo love it! I must try some of them... they all look so good.

    P.s - you have such perfect teeth!

    Love Tx


  13. Fantastic photos, really helpful! Amped looks lovely (: xx

  14. i cant wait to get my hands on these! :) thanks for the swatches :D x

  15. Wow they are all lovely! My fave is Coral Reef, gorgeous! Your teeth are so nice too haha! xx

  16. love baby doll... actually, i love all of them.

    http://emilydavila.blogspot.com/ : please follow

  17. You have lovely teeth! lol. I like barely there too, but i cant wear lipstick, my lips are already red! :P rachinald.blogspot.com

  18. I love 'barely there' colour!
    I'm a big fan of your blog and have linked you in an award I was just given. The rules are you have to let the person your sending it on to know so... tadahh! This is my blog so you can just see where the post is: http://fibeautybox.blogspot.co​m/
    Just ignore if you find this annoying! sorry and keep up the great work ly ♥

  19. Peaches and Cream is my favourite especially as its a sheen - I will definitely be purchasing it thanks to your lovely swatches xoxo

  20. I love this post. I have peaches and cream but it's really orange on me and not peachy at all! Think i'll give one away as I got two on offer. This post is really useful, i love your swatches! These lipsticks are great value for money and last so long. Coral Reef is really lovely on you!

  21. Peaches and Cream looks lovely, might have a look at these! good post xxx

  22. Wow I really love Papaya Punch!

    I've just added your blog button to my side bar btw!

    R x


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