Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Someday Summary

I haven't written one of these in ageesss (since the 1st September to be exact). I simply have not had anything to write about because my life is so boring. I don't really have anything significant to write now, but I had the urge to blog.
  • Since my last Someday Summary, I have changed my blog header and theme. I think these plums and purples are more appropriate for Autumn/Winter. I've also added a disclaimer page, just so I can back myself up in any future disagreements. What else? Oh, I've been posting more this week (this is my third post so far, if you include Sunday). Other posts that should be up very soon include a 'haul' (again), a necklace dupe and a mineral make-up review.
  • I've nearly finished my Christmas shopping (I normally finish it in October). I'm only buying proper presents for my mum, dad and sister this year. For my extended family, I'm making them homemade shortbread. I'm going to put the shortbread in pretty boxes and decorate with edible glitter.
  • I handed in my first assignment a few weeks ago. It only had to be 500 words, but I'm still proud. In the next month, I have to write another three, which are a lot bigger. I'm extremely stressed, but if I gather the readings I need and knuckle down, it shouldn't be too hard.

I saw this top in Bershka and couldn't resist taking a photo. They had some nice tops in actually, including smurf ones!

I bought another cactus! This is my tenth one. It's from Lidl and cost £1.99. I don't think I'm going to buy anymore, just because I don't have any room left on my windowsill! It's an agavoides and from the Google images I've seen, it flowers beautifully. 

I like taking photos for my Someday Summaries on my phone. I don't have to make them 'perfect' and obsess over details.


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  1. Lou, that top is brilliant! Well done for having the humour to post a photo! I'm sure you're doing brilliantly in your uni course :) x


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