Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Primark Throws

 photo PrimarkThrows1_zps7d78d396.png  photo PrimarkThrows2_zpsbdb88487.png

Primark has a couple of nice throws in at the moment (well, in my opinion), and I just wanted to show you them! Throws are needed on my bed because I can up have to 5 cats and 2 dogs on it. It's easier to throw a throw (haha) in the wash than change my duvet set every few days! The top one was £15 and the bottom one was £6. I've wanted one like the top one for ages, and really loved one from BHS, but even half price, it was £45! There was a similar one in Primark not long ago, but a couple of the squares had patterns I wasn't keen on. The one above is very girly, and I wasn't sure on it in store, but bought it anyway because I knew I would regret it! Now that I've put it on my bed, I'm glad I bought it. It's so pretty. The bottom one is of a fleecey material, and probably my cats' favourite one. They love to knead it, and because it was only £6, I don't mind. I would love to pick up another one actually.


  1. Aw these are so cute, I don't have throws on my bed but that might have to change!

  2. The top one is lovely, I really hope they have this around in April after my spending ban is over :)

  3. What a bargain! Primark do some great home ware!

    Sophie x

  4. The first one is gorgeous and so cheap compared to how much they usually are xx

    Georgia's Make Up Addiction

  5. I love Primark throws, in fact I'm actually sat under one right this moment lol, I might have to pick up the flowery one it's very cute :-)

  6. I've got the top one, I managed to pick it up in the sale for £10, I love it. x

    1. Yeah, I saw a post of yours mentioning a £10 Primark throw. If that's the one you're on about, I think mine's different to that (it has none of the same patterns). I wish I'd seen your one though because it's so pretty x


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