Sunday, 13 July 2014

Magazine Freebies - July (August Issues)

I only ever buy magazines these days if the freebies are good, and this month, they're good.

This month's Glamour (£2) comes with the choice of four Clinique samples, two of which are Chubby Sticks. I managed to find Woppin' Watermelon, but had no luck finding Super Strawberry (the darker of the two). The amount of product you get is tiny, but for a sample, I think it's fair. The actual product is nice, but I don't know why it's so hyped. It's a tinted balm. Now I love tinted balms, but wouldn't pay £17 for one!

This month's Marie Claire (£2.50, but usually £3.90) comes with the choice of two Balance Me products, and I managed to get both. The first is the Cleanse and Smooth Face Balm, and the second is the Moisture Rich Face Cream. The Cleanse and Smooth Face Balm is just under a third of the size (40ml) of the full sized one, which retails for £20/125ml. You could get three for £7.50/120ml, which isn't bad at all. The Moisture Rich Face Cream is even better, though, and is half the size (25ml) of the full sized one, which retails for £24/50ml. You could get two for £5/50ml. I've read some great things about these products, so can't wait to try them.

Have you picked up any magazine freebies this month?


  1. I used to own Woppin' Watermelon when they first came out, and I really wasn't a fan of it - the shade didn't work for me, and I've found much cheaper, better, tinted balms!! The Balance Me products sound lovely (I've got a sample of the balm that I can't use!), hope you enjoy them! I nabbed one of the lip & cheek tints from New Cid with Cosmo, and so far, so good! x

  2. I've always wanted to invest in the Clinique Lip Balm so thankyou for posting that Glamour's sampling this at the moment x


  3. I've tried to find the Chubby Stick but I've looked in 7 different shops, numerous times and still had no luck! I did however pick up the Moisture Rich Face Cream by Balance Me, but I'm still unsure on the product itself!

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  4. I picked up the Company magazine also, but for the mascara rather than the balm. I definitely agree with how you felt with the balm- the mascara is too hyped over and I don't get why- I don't like it very much.
    I prefer my normal drugstore mascaras to it :)
    Much love!

  5. I'm getting a friend to get them for me because I' going to London next month, He's a guy, so we'll see how it does it! Fingers crossed!


  6. You're lucky to have found a Chubby stick, I know most people have searched high and low and can't find any :( I got the Cleanse and smooth face balm as I've used this before and already know I love it. I've already got the same size face cream sitting in a drawer waiting to be used so I didn't bother to get that one x

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