Thursday, 2 June 2016

Two New Zoeva Brushes

Zoeva is my favourite brand for makeup brushes, and I've recently added some more to my collection. 

I prefer cream blushes over powder ones, and these require a stippling brush. I've used the Real Techniques Stippling Brush for years, but wanted a smaller option so I'd have more control over where the colour is placed. The Zoeva 122 Petite Stippling Brush is perfect for this, and means I have the space to blend, blend, blend.

I wanted a narrow, rectangular brush so I could define certain areas of my face with more precision. Like my jawline, for example. The Zoeva 109 Face Paint Brush had the size and shape I wanted, but it's made with natural hair. I have a couple of the natural brushes, and don't like them as much as their synthetic counterparts because they shed more and don't hold their shape as well. I then found the vegan version, so opted for this one instead. The 109v is one you have to be careful with because of its density. You need a very light hand and time to blend the hell out of your product of choice. Other than contour, though, it's great for highlight. It's the perfect size and shape for the tops of your cheeks. It's best paired with a more subtle product, though, because of the density I mentioned. If I'm ever ordering from somewhere which stocks Zoeva, I'll probably add another of these to my basket so I have one for each task.

Above, you have the Zoeva 109v Face Paint Vegan, the Zoeva 122 Petite Stippling, and the Real Techniques Stippling Brush for comparison.

You can buy Zoeva from a few online stores, but I've personally bought all of mine from Beauty Bay and Love Makeup. I know that Selfridges now stock them as well. Delivery is £5, but if you're already buying something from there, it's worth having a look.

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  1. i still use the RT Stippling brush - i think i may give this one a try :) great post xxx


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