Sunday, 3 July 2016

eBay Finds | Peter Pan Collars

I've always loved the look of peter pan collars on other people, but felt like a child playing dress up myself. In the last six months, though, I've been wearing things I would have never worn in the past, so thought I'd give this trend another go.

The plain and lace collars are both from the same eBay seller, and were under £4 each. To be honest, I wasn't expecting much, especially from the lace one, but I've been pleasantly surprised. They're made well, and have adjustable straps which go under the arms to keep them in place.

I just need to find some suitable jumpers to go with them. Most of the ones I have are heavy knit ones from the men's section!

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  1. I love PP collars! I always find they make me look like a school girl with my already young looking face and short height but I don't care, they're so cute aha x

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