Saturday, 29 August 2009

Thank you! & Update

Wow, 60 followers! Even though my last two posts haven't got any comments! Take 1 minute out of your day to write a comment on someones blog, trust me, it will make them smile :)
I would like to thank every single one of my followers. I am not going to do a contest yet because I haven't got the money! But I will in a few months so be on the look out! I know how disappointing it is to not win a contest and most of you think 'whats the point I never win' and if I could give everyone a prize I would, but I'm not that rich I'm afraid.
On another note...
- I went shopping today so I have a haul coming up. Only two nail polishes and a mascara in terms of cosmetics.
- I also got my GCSE results Thursday & I am very happy with them :)
- I start sixth form on the 7th of September and I am a tad nervous, hopefully it will be OK as my friends will be there :)
That's it I think, my life hasn't been exciting lately.

Hope your all having a great weekend!


  1. lucky you that you're going to college w/ friends, i dont know anyone at mine! im so nervous!

  2. Good luck at college :)
    I'm sure you'll be fine

  3. Hey! I started following your blog last night. I made my own tonight! Im exactly the same! Been watching videos on youtube for a while but dont really feel comfortable talking to a camera at the moment which is a shame coz i would love to do it! Anyway if you want to have a little looky at my blog i would appreciate it! I have no followers at all at the moment and have no idea how to get them! Ha. If you could help me out that would be great! :) Take Care Stace x

  4. I took biology, pyschology, maths, geography and chemistry at AS Level and now I'm doing Psychology at Uni it's so interesting :) Good Luck xx


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