Sunday, 9 August 2009

Thank you!

I started this blog 5 days ago & thought I'd be lucky to get 5 followers. Now I know to some people 18 followers isn't many at all, but when your new on here or Youtube, you are just over the moon to have one person read your posts. Thank you to everyone who has started to follow my blog, it means a lot & the people who also have their own blog know what it feels like.
At the moment I have an empty pocket, purse & bank account! & won't be able to buy anything till next month but in the mean time I could do some reviews. I have been using Dove summer glow and the self tanner from Avon which I will be reviewing. On a whole their alright, but I am getting OCD and keep thinking I look orange! I'll search around my room later to see what I can review, I can't help myself, this starts to become addictive!
Again, thank you to those of you who actually read my posts :)


  1. Hey, thank you for follwing my blog - and congratulations on your followers! You have got a great blog going on here and I'm sure you will get plenty more as time goes by :-)

    I think a few of us are struggling with empty purses right now, I know I am! Let'e be broke but make up obsessed together, hehe! xx

  2. congrats on getting so many followers,
    have you got any tips on getting more? did you do anything to promote yourself?


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