Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Avon Arabian Glow Clearly Shadowed Eye Pencils

Hello :)
So these are £5 each and at the moment are on offer for £3 each. I actually love these! I bought the blue one last August, wore it every day, used it all up and bought another! My favourite is the blue because it makes brown eyes pop!

From top to bottom: Plush Purple, Burnished Bronze and Vivacious Turquoise. Avon also do a gold called 'Gold Mine' but I haven't got that one yet.

These look sooo much better in real life! The camera is slightly out of focus so you can not see the gorgeous sheen they have. At the bottom of the Burnished Bronze swatch you can see some shimmer/sheen where the light is reflecting off of it to give you an idea.

These pencils are really creamy, soft and last all day. They are slightly faded by the end of the day but most products fade after hours of wear, especially on the waterline!
I wear the blue every day (Boring I know, but its a gorgeous colour). The purple and bronze aren't as vibrant but still beautiful colours.

I've only just recently bought another Vivacious Turquoise, but as this is my favourite ever eye-liner/shadow I might have to buy some back-ups...

Would I recommend these? Most definitely


  1. Wow those look great, especially Burnished Bronze! Sadly they aren't available in Quebec yet -_-

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