Saturday, 6 March 2010

Superdrug Tea Tree and Peppermint Skincare Range Reviews

Hello :)
I was sent these products for reviewing purposes. This has not affected my opinions on the products.

Products are £2.99 each or on offer at the moment 2 for £5 which is great value.

"Tea Tree originates from Australia. It is a natural antibacterial agent known for its antiseptic healing properties.
Peppermint oil is renowned for its therapeutic effect on skin disorders and for its cooling sensation."

This skincare range has a minty scent, which personally I like but some people may be put off by it.

Facial wash.
Superdrug Tea Tree and Peppermint Facial Wash will effectively remove dirt, make-up and other impurities, helping to promote a clearer spot-free complexion. It will leave your skin feeling clean and fresh.
I really like this facial wash as it refreshes my skin and instantly makes me feel wide awake.

This light, soothing, non-greasy moisturiser is enriched with the moisturising ingredients Pro-vitamin B5 and Aloe Vera. Easily absorbed into the skin, this refreshing formula is ideal for use on oily or spot prone skin.
This has a lighter minty scent than the other products and smells like Polo's :). Easily absorbed, does not make my skin greasy, softens my skin straight away and soothes my skin because of the peppermint - Need I say more?

Cleanser & Toner.
This 2 in 1 Cleanser and Toner with natural peppermint oil is a light non-greasy formulation, which removes dirt, make-up and other skin impurities, thereby helping to promote a clearer spot free complexion. Leaves your skin feeling fresh and clean.
Refreshes my skin, removes the dirt, make-up and impurities and my skin feels 'toned' when applied. A good standard product :)

Blended Oil.
Superdrug Tea Tree blended oil is diluted to 1% so that it can be applied directly to the skin. Its antibacterial and antiseptic actions penetrate pore deep removing bacteria and helping to promote a clearer complexion.
This is the first facial oil I have tried because before I thought "It will not make a difference to my skin" and "It will leave my skin really oily and greasy". Well, this does not make my skin as oily/greasy as I thought it would and makes my skin feel moisturised. I'm not sure if it has improved the condition of my skin because I naturally have oily skin so haven't noticed a great difference. I think this product will be great for people with dry skin to restore the oils.
This product being "antibacterial and antiseptic" probably does do my skin good and I will continue to use to see the results.

Overall: I really like this range as the tea tree and peppermint oils refresh and revitalise my skin. I also love the minty smell :) It wakes my brain up.

Would I re-purchase? Yes :)

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