Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Dainty Roses

Dainty Roses is a little shop which supplies handmade hair accessories and, of recently, jewellery. The pieces are handmade by the very lovely and talented Lisa.
The Rosey Bows are a very popular choice. They're hair bands which you can shape to any shape you wish as they have a wire within the fabric.
The design I ordered is called Penelope and was £4. Most of the designs are the same price; a few are cheaper.
P&P is £1.50.
My order came packaged beautifully, with wrapping paper and a bow. Unfortunately I haven't got a photo of it because I was eager to get to the Rosey Bow!
The only thing is, I'm not sure if it suits me. My hair (Particularly my fringe) has been playing up recently you see.
I love handmade pieces. I love the effort that goes into making them and wrapping them. Thank you Lisa!



  1. Pretty these are really in right now!
    If you find your hair isnt working, why not try backcombing behind? and put hairspray in to hold!

  2. lovely hairband, and your hair is a really nice colour!

  3. I love these headbands, I have four but wear them ALL the time! I'll definitely order one from there :)


  4. They're gorgeous aren't they? She really puts so much love into making them as well! x

  5. You gave in then! From what I can see on the picture it looks lovely but can't see your fringe there.
    Lisa is fab isn't she! xx

  6. So pretty! I really want this one but it's sold out. :( x

  7. Love it :).

    Sadie x



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