Thursday, 28 April 2011

Ring ring!

I couldn't afford to buy anyone presents at Christmas and felt ever so guilty when my friends gave me mine. Now that I have some money, I've decided to buy/give them their Christmas presents! Better late than never :P I bought the necklace above for my bestie. It's so beautiful! I was tempted to keep it for myself haha
The chain is a great length and sits on your cleavage; not too short and not too long.
I bought this for £5-6 from this seller on Etsy.



  1. That's so thoughtful! Etsy is fab for supporting small suppliers rather than giving all of our cash to big companies :o) xxx

  2. Thats so sweet of you! That necklace is super cute ^^ xxx

  3. This necklace is so adorable. I love it!



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