Saturday, 17 September 2011

ELF order and New Look heels

Good evening!
ELF and their offers! They're currently having their third 50% off sale in 3 weeks (Use code LAST50 by 8am Monday). I didn't buy from their first sale because I didn't know if I could afford to. By the time their second came along, I had some money in the bank. I bought things I needed, rather than things I wanted and would rarely use. 
So here's my boring but sensible order:

Studio Eyebrow Kit in Medium £1.75 (£3.50 full price), Mineral Eyeshadow Primer £1.50 (£3.00 full price), Eyelid Primer 75p (£1.50 full price).
The powder that comes in the Eyebrow Kit is a little lighter than my current one, but it still works well. I'm very impressed with the packaging, both the cardboard box it comes in and the plastic casing that holds the product.

Studio Complexion (x2), Powder, Small Angled and Small Precision brushes all £1.75 (£3.50 full price)
Apart from the Small Precision brush, these are repurchases. I love them! I think I've had 5 Complexion brushes now.

New Look heels: 
Platform Court Shoe £19.99

While in New Look the other week, I walked through the Wide Fit shoe section and spotted these. On the shelf they looked 'meh', but I tried them on anyway and liked them straight away. I'd been after a basic pair of suede heels for ages. I'm normally a size 7, but to my surprise, they were too big. I tried on a 6 in another colour and they fitted great. I asked if they had any size 6s in black, but unfortunately they didn't, so I ordered them online. There's still a small gap at the back of my right foot, so I'm going to get some insoles. They look a lot better in real life, compared to the photo.
So the moral of the story is, don't disregard the Wide Fit section! These are classed as Wide Fit, but they're not at all.



  1. I want to try elf studio brushes they sound great, the shoes are gorgeous too! Perfect simple black heels!

  2. I'm after a pair of black heels to just pop on with any outfit - these look great! Will have to get down to New Look and investigate! xx

  3. Love the shoes, i think they look lush in the photo! :D

  4. Those shoes look beautiful! It's meant to be elf's last ever 50% off this time, better get ordering haha


  5. love those heels! been looking for a pair of plain ones like yours! might invest in them!
    those brushes look really good too ^^
    Krissy xoxo

  6. beautiful shoes and blog! :)

  7. super awesome shoes and great blog.

    would be happy if you visit also my blog

    thank you

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  9. Gorgeous heels! Been meaning to try the studio brushes for a while now! Great review


  10. Lovely heels!
    I'm so dissapointed i missed out on the Elf sale :$

    Hopefully they will have another 50% off sale soon.

    Love your blog btw.

  11. hello, from usa! you are absolutely adorable, and i really love the various features on your posts. enjoyed browsing so much, and just followed via twitter and google. hope we can stay connected. cheers!


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