Thursday, 1 September 2011

Someday Summary - Thursday

Good evening!
I realised last night that I have yet to talk about my Lee Evans live experience, so here we are!
  • I'd never seen anyone live before so was quite excited. However, I thought he would tell the same old jokes, which I wasn't looking forward to. Fortunately, he had new material! He told his jokes (in which he took the piss out of the Plymouth 'farmer' accent haha), sang a new song he wrote (which I thoroughly enjoyed) and then done his Galileo routine. Afterwards, he shook hands and had photos taken with the front row, which was annoying because we were four rows from the front. So close but so far!
  • I haven't wrote a Someday Summary since before exam results day, so if you didn't know, I'm going to University! My results weren't the best, but they got me in :) I'm not good with people and I think I'll be too dumb for the course, so I'm off to a great start! haha
  • I'm living at home, so am going to have a good chunk of money spare. In the next month, I'm going clothes shopping! I know it sounds like what a typical girl would do, but I really do need a new wardrobe. I was going to get another puppy as well (My third Border Collie) but I've decided against it. I think it's best to have a few hundred spare in the bank. Saying that, if I see an advert for a puppy, I'll probably be on the phone in seconds, asking if it is still available!

These are my new mugs, which I love. They're from Tesco and were 2 for £4.

Hope you're having a great week!


  1. Awe the mugs are lovely!! I need a new work mug so def gonna head to Tescos xo

  2. love the mugs hehe :) the one of the right is defiantly me and glad you enjoyed lee evans hes so funny :L xx

  3. Cute mugs & I'm 100% sure you're not too dumb for uni xx

  4. That's weird I've got the I'd Rather Be In Bed mug! haha xx

  5. The mugs are so sweet! Good luck with uni, you can’t be too dumb for the course or you wouldn’t have got in! x

  6. The mugs are cute! Good luck for uni! Everyones nervous but you'll be fine :) and your gonna save SO much money by living at home! xox


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