Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Lil Lets new packaging

Periods are not often talked about. Not only in the blogging world, but in real life too. They should be though, because they're natural and healthy. So when I was contacted and asked to review the new Lil Lets range, I agreed. 
I was sent the sanitary towels to review. I wanted to get a sense of the whole range, so I then went out and bought two packs/tubs of tampons.
I've been using these for the last week and here are my thoughts:

Fresh Lock Ultra Towels - Long, £1.99 from Boots.
A few key features:
  • Ultra slim towel for a comfortable fit
  • Wings for extra security
  • Breathable ultra soft non-woven cover
  • Twice as absorbent as the leading brand
  • Towels individually wrapped in soft grey whisper wrappers for ultimate discretion
  • Packaged in a pretty drawstring bag with a ribbon and removable band

Teens Ultra Towels - Day and Night variants, £1.59 from Boots.
A few key features:
  • Shorter in length and narrower in width
  • Ultra thin with wings
  • Super absorbent with a breathable soft non-woven cover
  • Individually wrapped in whisper wrappers for ultimate discretion
  • Packaged in a pretty drawstring bag with a ribbon and removable sleeve

Silk Comfort Compact Tampons (Regular and Super Plus pictured above), £2.39 but currently £1.75 at Boots.
A few key features:
  • Applicator expands widthways for ease of use
  • Packaged in patterned, cylinder tubs

Overall, I like the range. A lot of effort has gone into it, from the drawstring bags and tubs, to the actual products. These features ensure that your time of the month is a little more pleasant. I think it also helps girls realise that periods shouldn't be seen as ugly. I really like that the products are in whisper wrappers, so you can change your towels or tampons without everyone in the public toilets knowing. I also like the ultra long towels. When wearing them, they gave me confidence that I wasn't going to leak.

Is there anything I would change?
This is me being picky, but I would love the drawstring bags to be made of fabric. I could then re-use them for storing bits and bobs!
I know the expandable applicator of the tampons is a main feature with the new design, so they can't really change it, but I would prefer them to be made out of cardboard. I normally use cardboard applicators and haven't had any problems with them. They're also better for the environment.



  1. I agree about the whole taboo with periods, etc. I really think beauty bloggers and YouTubers should be more open with each other about feminine hygiene, it could be really helpful to a lot of readers/viewers especially younger ones.

    They've really gone all out with the packaging, it's so sweet! I'm glad the tampons have applicators, I stopped using Lil Lets after trying the Tampax Pearl, as they were a lot easier to apply and more comfortable. I might pick some up next time I'm on, who wouldn't want to have that cute tub in their bag?!

  2. The packaging of these are really cute :) Haven't tried the newer packaging packs yet :)

    Lucy x

  3. The packaging looks great. It will really appeal to teens I think, although I'd definitely get the tampons to store them in the cute tub, and then use it again as storage xx

  4. The packaging is super cute! Like you said, I think it would make that time of the month a more pleasant experience. For me it would! I'm a sucker for things like this haha. :)

  5. Wish theyd had the whisper packaging when i was in school. I used to HATE making a noise in the loos, every morning i'd open my sanitary pads and peel them off, then stick them back onto the wrapper really lightly so theyd made as little noise as possible at school when i needed to use one! Lol. These would have saved me from doing all that.
    Holli x


  6. Ooooh! I like the cute packaging! Thanks for the review - it's good to know the products are good - I'd have bought them based on packaging!

  7. Fab review :) The packaging is gorgeous, not something I thought I Would say about sanitary products!x

  8. The pretty tubs are much nicer than the boxes i maybe wouldn;t have to hide the tubs in my bathroom like i do the boxes lol x

  9. cute!!!! love it!!!


  10. Cute packaging but yes, I agree, it would be better if they were made of fabric!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  11. I love how so much effort has gone into making these products look cheerful and bright. And the whisper paper screams out to me! I tend not to go for towels because they are noisy which makes me all embarrassed :p
    The bags seem to be a great idea as well but I would also prefer it if they were made of fabric.
    Will deffo have to pick some of these up, thanks for the review!


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