Sunday, 16 October 2011

Sanex Zero% shower gels

Price: £1.89 each

'Sometimes we put more artificial chemicals than are necessary onto our skin. That’s why the new Sanex Zero% range has been specifically developed to contain only the ingredients you need for moisturised and healthy skin. Sanex Zero% is also mindful of the environment. With its minimal impact on aquatic systems and its biodegradable formulation, it has been approved by the European Eco-Label.'

Sanex Zero% shower gels lather well and leave your skin squeaky clean, proving that you don't need a lot of ingredients for a product to be effective. They're not something I'd personally choose to buy, because I prefer my shower gels to have a scent, but if you have sensitive skin, I think these will work well for you.

Here is a video, metaphorically displaying how many chemicals we put on our skin from day to day:

I can imagine passers by would have thought it was a little weird, but it proves Sanex's point perfectly.

PR sample


  1. I hope I can find this brand over here!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  2. Well, I didn't know that there is organic SLS, one of the worst chemicals they put in cleaning stuff nowadays. This product is a shameful con. Just because they don't put even MORE chemicals in it, the basic ones are bad enough. SLS is poison.


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