Thursday, 29 December 2011

Purchases and Presents

Hello there!
I'll start with the items I purchased in the sales. I only bought from two stores because nothing else caught my eye!

The prices mentioned are what I paid after the 50% discount (The Comforter bubble bar is the only thing that wasn't in the Christmas sale). Snow Globe soap chunks £1.25, £1.25 and £2.20, Candy Cane soap chunk £1.38, Angels Delight soap chunk £4.70, So White bath ballistic 95p, Cinders bath ballistic 98p, The Comforter bubble bar £3.99.
As you can see, I love the scent of Snow Globe! I also bought a huge chunk of Angels Delight, which should last me a while.

Mugs £3 each
I couldn't help it! I love mugs.

Now, these next items were purchased before Christmas :)

T-shirts £6 each

Dressing gown £9.90

2 pack of gloves £1.50, scarf £2.90

I also picked up some bras and grey pumps from Primark, but they're not worth showing!

900ml bottles of TRESemme £1.98 each! Bargain!

I also thought I would include my Christmas presents in this post because they really don't need a post of their own!
The owl cushion was from my sister, the Impulse set was from my auntie and the Misfits box set was from my parents, along with the double bed they bought me last month and the Primark items seen above.
I was only meant to be getting a bed from my parents, so the Misfits box set was a bonus. My dad also let me choose what I wanted from Primark, which was fun :)

"Iz you taking a photo?"



  1. Haha the picture of you cat is so adorable and funny :)
    You got loads of good Lush goodies :) I only picked up an Australian Igloo scrub in the sale, though I got a gift box for Christmas so it's okay :) That owl cushion is so cute aswell!

    Frances x
    Twitter: @Francesss__

  2. I wish I went to the lush sale, everyone's posts are making me sad :( such a cute picture of your cat too haha xxx

  3. That cat is a cutie! Great lush stuff though x

  4. Love the owl cushion and the muds.

    aww your cat is cute xx

  5. I like the sultry cat haha :)Cute cushion x

  6. Hahaha - your cat at the end. :)

    I love the Lush sale after Christmas, you get some gorgeous stuff for such good prices xx

  7. I couldnt get to my store, probs a good thing, i had loads, but wanted to get a few more, then the site went down -.- gave up! I love the shampoo and conditioner I swear by it.
    Lucy xx

  8. You got some lovely things! Ugh, so annoying that Lush doesn't do sales in my country, everything's still at full price :( Love the bathrobe, it looks sooo comfy. And your cat is super cute. <3

  9. You got really gorgeous things! I need that Thumper tee! Hope you had a great new year xx

  10. I love the angel's delight soap! And the owl cushion is really cute :)

  11. Angel's Delight is one of my favorite LUSH soap! Great buys!

  12. I'm the same, I literally LOVE mugs! I'm forever buying them. And the cute owl cushion too! plus you have a gorgeous cat.x

  13. I really really love the t-shirts, and love your blog.
    Hope you don't mind me following.



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