Monday, 30 April 2012

Shoe Zone Shoes

Growing up, Shoe Zone was the place my family would go to for school shoes and trainers. I don't go in there as often these days, but I decided to have a browse whilst my mum was buying some shoes for my dad. I ended up buying two pairs of black dolly shoes, which will be great for when I wear black tights or want to dress more formal. The first pair were £9.99 and the second pair were £12.99. They also had quite a few other black dolly shoe designs, so I would definitely recommend Shoe Zone if you're on the look out for a pair :)


  1. love these shoes - cute!
    & I actually really like Shoe Zone for shoes like this :)

  2. I always went to Shoe Zone for school shoes too haha! I love those first ones, they're really pretty :)

    Frances xx


  3. Love them, very cute :).

    Sadie x

  4. i work in shoe zone and i've wanted to buy these for ages, i think they're so cute! i love the second ones in white too.


  5. I love Shoe Zone if I am looking for a pair of simple cheap ballet flats! xx

  6. I have the ones on the right in white :)
    So comfy x

  7. These are both so lovely and such a bargain! x


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