Wednesday, 4 July 2012

New Things!

I said in yesterday's post that I didn't think I was going to buy anything any time soon, so just posted about the few things I did have. Well, I went shopping today haha. I set out to buy t-shirt bras, vests and some sandals and/or dolly shoes to go with my new brown shorts. I didn't get any of those things, but I'm still happy with my purchases.

New Look - Balconette bras - £12.99 and £11.99

I love these bras! They're so pretty. I don't normally spend over £6 on bras (I either buy mine from Primark or buy them when they're in a New Look sale), but I thought I'd treat myself (Again...).

H&M - Cardigans - £9.99 each

I love my H&M cardigans, so couldn't resist these colours. Most of my cardigans are blue, so I wanted to branch out. The green/teal one is a lot brighter in real life. I don't have many warm toned clothes, so I also picked up a peach one. I just need a red one and a pink one now :)

H&M - Flower hair clips - £1.99 each

I've started to clip my fringe back and clips like these look really pretty in. I already have the cream ones in pink, and love them.

Accessorize - Pearl necklace - £4 (Half price)

Obviously, I couldn't resist Accessorize's half price sale - I just had to pop in! As I was leaving, I saw this necklace. My last pearl necklace broke a couple years ago and I haven't worn one since. At £4, I think the necklace is still overpriced though.

Time to eat my extra McDonald's double cheeseburger! Thank you for reading!


  1. The clips from H&M are lovely, I bought loads like that last year, their perfect to add a summery touch to an outfit x

  2. H&M is great for flower clips - I get so many from there.

  3. I love the H&M flower clips :D


  4. Very pretty new things, I'm especially fond of those gorgeous bras!:)
    Lovely blog btw!

  5. I adore the pearl necklace! :)

    Ammy x

  6. Hey I used to follow your blog ages ago before I took a bit of a break from blogging. Glad found your blog again! I'm following!
    - Keyta x

  7. Sometimes, we need to treat ourselves to keep us inspired and contented. You did the right thing to buy yourself some new things especially those new accessories and clothing. Anyway, did you know that balconette bras give an added shape to your bust line, which can make you look sexier and more luxurious? That's because it only covers half of your breast which can give it a perfectly round appearance.

    Ted Juhl


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