Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Back to School Stationery Haul

Hello! I'm going into my second year of university in September and I've now bought most of the stationery I'll need, so I thought I'd show you it. Stocking up on stationery for the next academic year used to be as exciting as Christmas when I was younger. I still love buying stationery, but for the last few years, I've bought the basic, cheap necessities, and that's it. This year, I wanted to add some more colour to my notes, because I can (We were only allowed to use black or blue ink in school). The prices of things didn't really matter to me this year, so you can probably buy some of the things below at a cheaper price from a Supermarket own brand.

Last year, I found that display books worked well for my course, so I've bought a few more this year - One for each module. Display books usually contain about 30 pockets, and I usually put 2-4 pages in each one, so they are a good size for my needs. The blue, purple and pink display books you see above are from WHSmith and were £4.99 for all three. They were in the 'Back to School' section and were 75% off :) I then bought three popper wallets for my assignments - They're perfect for my ideas, plans and drafts. They were also from WHSmith, but I cannot remember the price. They certainly weren't the cheapest though - I'd suggest buying some from Tesco.

The Ryman notepad was £1.99 and 3 for 2. The paper is thick and I like it because the lines inside are narrow, so they're great for my small writing. I bought the Pukka Pad yonks ago, so cannot remember the price, but you can get them for £1-2 when Tesco have their Back to School deals on. During the rest of the year, they're about £4.

The Stabilo highlighters, Staedtler fineliner pens and Paper Mate black ball pens are all from Ryman, but they can be found in many other stores. The highlighters were £5.99, the fineliner pens were on offer for £4.99 (And still are!) and the Paper Mate black ball pens were £1.99. I've used the Paper Mate pens for years and always repurchase them. I used to only be able to write with fountain pens, which was annoying because ball pens are so much cheaper, so I'm glad I can now write with ball pens!

The coloured Paper Mate ball pens are from WHSmith and were £2.49.  These were an impulse buy really. I liked the look of the colours and packaging! The pencils were also from WHSmith and cost £2.24. They're not the cheapest, but I couldn't be bothered to search any more stores. I always buy pencils with rubbers on the tops because I'm lazy. Picking up a separate rubber when I've made a mistake is just too much work! haha. Also, once a pencil is blunt, I tend to move onto the next one, instead of sharpening it. As I said, I'm lazy.

The Tesco sticky and film index markers were £1.18 and £1.41. Last year, I found out how useful these are! The sticky index markers are great to write annotations on and the film index markers are great to bookmark textbooks.

The 2012-2013 academic elephant diary/planner was £4.50 from Paperchase. It looks small, but there is plenty of room for me to write what I need. It has a week per two pages layout, which is the layout I prefer. Also, how cute is it?!

My pencil case is by Cath Kidston and cost £3.50 in the ASOS sale. It's meant to be a purse, but it's far too big to be one! It's the perfect size for a pencil case though.

My school bag is also by Cath Kidston and was £11.50 in the ASOS sale:

I've used this bag for the last year and it's still in perfect condition, so I'll probably use it for the next year too. However, I've been eyeing up another design, which I may have to purchase! I just think they're perfect for school and uni. They fit in all the books and folders I need and the oilcloth material allows me to use them when it rains.

And this is the end of the post! Phew! I still have to purchase some printer ink and maybe another memory stick, but that's about it. Oh, and I obviously need to buy some new clothes ;) I bought two more pairs of jeans from New Look yesterday and love them. One pair are high waisted, so I cannot wait to wear them.


  1. Wow, I always find stationary really exciting for some reason.
    - Keyta x

  2. This all looks so cool! I'm such a stationary freak, I always get excited to buy new pencil cases, notebooks and pens, lol.


  3. The nerd within me was drawn to this post (; Going back to school and buying loads of new stationery has always been the best part of education for me (: although I'm a little more reserved at uni I still love buying new bits and pieces. xx

  4. Love this! I love stationary so much hahah xx

  5. I was so excited to read this...Such a stationary nerd, can't wait to buy mine! :D x

  6. I love stationary shopping, it's amazing how many people do! When ever I buy pens, the first thing I write is my signature :) Cath Kidston <3

    Just Smile.

  7. Love shopping for back to uni stationary I am going into my 3rd year and think my first stop will be Paperchase as they always have amazing things. x

  8. I'm waiting for my results so i know i'm definitely in uni before i buy my stationary !
    I love stationary though ! I could spend hours in Paperchase :)
    Launa in Ponderland

  9. I love this, I'm going to be a fresher this year and I'm waiting on my results so im so so nervous! I love shopping for stationary as well :)

  10. Hello! You were top of my google results when searching for a uni stationary haul! I'm about to start as a fresher and going shopping tomorrow! haha
    Useful tips, thank you!

    rach xx

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