Tuesday, 25 September 2012

My Favourite Affordable Duvet Sets!

Sorry about the creases!

I was looking through my phone and Twitpic profile, and found these photos of my duvet sets, which reminded me to blog about them!
Since getting a double bed, I've been investing in duvet sets because I know I'll be able to use them when I get my own place. I've bought 4 or 5 in the last few months, but the two above are definitely my favourites. They're from eBay and were very reasonably priced. When I say eBay, I mean an eBay store, not a personal seller, so they come brand new.
The first bedding set is from here and cost £14.97, including P&P.
The second set is from the same seller, but the listing is no longer available (for a double), but you can buy it here for £19.80, including P&P, or here for £19.95, including P&P. All of them are from top-rated sellers.

Do let me know if you've found any nice and affordable duvet sets!


  1. These are really cute! I've got a new one from Tesco and it's actually really lovely x

  2. They are both lovely! I recently re-decorated my room so I have been purchasing a few duvet sets..I found some great ones on Amazon and Argos! :-) x

  3. Love the first! Fella likes it too so.. added it to my "watch list" for now...

    Lizzums x

  4. I have the blue set! Just got it the other week loooveee xo

  5. I love the second one, and your owl cushion :) I redecorated my room recently and got a lovely duvet set from BHS, it looks like a Cath Kidston one without the massive price tag!

  6. Love these duvet covers, they are so pretty and colourful! Do you always go for a floral pattern when choosing your sheets, or was this simply by coincidence? :)

    1. Simply a coincidence! :) My others are plain, striped or polka dotted :) x

  7. I love the second one, it would fit in so nicely in my room. I love IKEA for duvet sets, purely because you get four cushion covers with a double instead of the usual two. x


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