Friday, 28 September 2012

More Winter Buys (Primark, New Look and Paperchase)

I did a spot of shopping today, even though I only went in town Wednesday! (You can read my 'Primark Winter Haul and more' post here). I now have a draw full of socks. I can't help it! Socks are one of my weaknesses.

Primark - Various socks - £4, £3, £1.50 and £3

I was actually restrained today - Only the burgundy/red socks are for me. Both of the penguin pairs are for my sister for Christmas :)

New Look - Vests and owl slippers - £2.49 each and £9.99

How cute are these slippers?! When I walk, the little wings move, making it look like the owls are flying!
The vests are a size S and they're a little big, so I think I should have bought the XS ones (Yes, I did try them on - I've just changed my mind on the sizing!). They're still wearable though, so I'm going to keep them and just buy XS ones next time. Why did they have to change the sizes? Numbered sizes are so much easier to understand!

Paperchase - Notebooks - £2.50 and £1.50

I've been looking for some small ring bounded notebooks for a while because they're perfect for writing lists! The bird notebook cover is made out of wood, which is cool. I bought the plain notebook so I can decorate it with the washi tape I have coming in the post.

I hope you have a great weekend!


  1. New Look's sizing for those tops is weird - I buy medium even though I'm a size 8-10 as they're too tight otherwise x

  2. Primark have such lovely cosey things for chilling in x

  3. I hate when sizes are in XS, S etc. instead of numbers too! Love the colours of the vests you bought though, and those slippers are adorable! :)

    Frances xx

  4. I love the socks and the slippers, especially the penguin ones, will have to go and check out if my local Primark has them.

  5. Aww more winter amazingness! Lovee the notebooks xx

  6. AWWWWWWWWWWW @ THE PENGUIN! Way too cute!!!

  7. Such cute socks. Socks are also my weakness.

  8. After seeing the photos of your haul, I went and got some bird print pyjamas too and I'll be posting a primark haul blogpost in a few days x

  9. Love the penguin socks and slippers :)


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