Friday, 2 November 2012

Aztec Phone Case

I'm quite smitten over my new phone case. I know it's not everyone's cup of tea, it's bold and tacky, but I like it (obviously, or I wouldn't have bought it!). I first saw it for an iPhone and was instantly drawn. I hoped they had it for a Samsung Galaxy Ace (my phone) and they did! If you also have a Samsung Galaxy Ace, you can buy it here for £3.25, including P&P. If you have an iPhone, can you buy it here for £2.99, including P&P. I have the blue version, but there's also a pink one, which I'm tempted to get!


  1. That case is awesome! I love different cases for phones...I currently have an owl case that one of my friends brought for me and I love it! I'm very tempted to get this one though and maybe have it for days when an owl isn't so appropriate....haha!

  2. What a pretty case! I really want one for my iPhone and this is the exact print I've been looking for but I might get the pink one since itsy favorite color! Plus it seems so cheap for a pretty. ADR!


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