Sunday, 2 March 2014

OPI Steady As She Rose and Models Own Utopia Comparison

 OPI Steady As She Rose, Models Own Utopia
 OPI Steady As She Rose, Models Own Utopia
Baby and middle fingernails (1st and 3rd): OPI Steady As She Rose. Ring and index (2nd and 4th): Models Own Utopia

As soon as I laid eyes on OPI's Steady As She Rose, I knew it was similar to Models Own's Utopia; a polish I already owned. I went ahead and bought it anyway, though, because it was only £3.99 from Fragrance Direct, and I've been loving these clean, understated colours. As you can see, both are light, muted lilacs, but Utopia is slightly cooler in tone. It's such a subtle difference, though, that I doubt anyone would notice if just glancing at your nails. In terms of formula, Utopia is slightly more opaque. Steady As She Rose takes 2-3 coats, whereas Utopia takes 2. I love both, and would recommend getting whichever one you can find the cheapest. As I said, Steady As She Rose is only £3.99 on Fragrance Direct at the moment, whereas Utopia is £5 in Boots. However, Boots also has a 3 for 2 offer going on. Utopia can also be found on/in Superdrug for £5, and it's on Chemist Direct for £4.50. It just depends on where you were already planning to shop to save on postage!

Do you own either of these shades? You can find my swatch of Steady As She Rose here, and my swatch of Utopia here.


  1. I love Utopia, such a perfect colour. Which of these do you find wears better out of the two?
    Holly /

    1. I've found they wear about the same, but it depends on what my hands go through in the days of wearing them, really! Utopia's slightly more opaque and easier to get hold of in the UK, but if you're planning on ordering other products from Fragrance Direct anyway, I'd recommend adding OPI's Steady As She Rose to your basket, too :)

  2. I love wearing simple colours like this. :)


  3. I've never seen these shades before, I need to make a fragrance direct order soon, so hopefully they will still have the OPI Steady as She Rose still in stock.
    These shades are so pretty, I always prefer lighter shades of polish - so both of these are perfect.
    Lovely and very informative post - thank you!


  4. They are very similar and such pretty colors. I don't have neither but I may have to pick one up it seems like.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale

  5. I can't believe how similar they look on your nails! Utopia is one of my favourite nail polishes x

  6. So beautiful, Utopia is one of my favourites! :) xx


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