Thursday, 22 May 2014

Collective Haul

I handed in my last ever uni assignment yesterday and then panicked about my future, so today's shopping trip was much needed! I thought I'd also include some other bits I've bought recently. 

I'll start with the Primark T-Shirts dominating the photo. I mostly bought these for lounging around the house, but will probably wear them out, too. The two grey scoop neck ones were £2 each, while the rest were £3 each.

The Primark Beach Hut Pyjama Bottoms were £6. I've wanted them for a while, so thought I'd just get them today!

The Primark Cosy Socks were £2. Socks need no explanation.

The Primark Tights were £3.50. Expensive for one pair (compared to Primark's other tights), but they're the 'super silky opaque tights with 3D lycra for a perfect fit' ones which I love.

The Primark Pop-Up Laundry Hamper was £3. I also bought the Shower Curtain (£5) and Hand Towel (£3) in this design, but they're already in use! They add a pop of summer colour to the bathroom.

I then bought the Revlon Photoready Perfecting Primer (£8.99, normally £11.99) and Revlon Colourstay Concealer (£6.99) from Boots. I'm running out of my current primer and wanted to try a new one. This has mixed reviews, but so do most products, so I thought I'd try it out for myself. I also wanted to try a new concealer because the two I currently have are at opposite ends of the spectrum and I wanted something in the middle. The shade (fair) looks like a perfect match for my skin and makes one of my other concealers look orange in comparison!

The mint green/light blue sweatshirt at the bottom of the photo is from H&M and was £9.99. I prefer to keep the tops of my arms covered, but now that it's getting warmer, I can't wear jumpers. This is perfect because it's very lightweight and can be thrown on over a vest top.

The black and white aztec high waisted shorts are from New Look and were £11 down from £20, I think. They feel like great quality and were the only thing I ended up keeping from my order.

The Boston Warehouse Large Tumbler was £4.99 from TK Maxx. More than I'd usually pay for such an item, but I'd been looking for one for a while (my Primark no longer stocks them) and I loved the print.

The last things, in the top right corner, are from Poundland. I like the new Jane Asher range, so picked up the measuring cups & spoons, icecream/cake mix scoop, baking tray, baking sheet, and cake tin circles from it. The cake tin circles are so handy! I also picked up the oven glove and ice cube blocks. I already have some similar ice cube shapes and think they're so convenient. They don't dilute your drink and you can refreeze them.

What have you bought recently?


  1. Hoping you review those Revlon items - I'd love to know your thoughts on them! x

  2. I love Primarks basics tees! So cheap and so useful. I need to get some of the striped ones, especially that coral colour one!
    Great haul :D xxx
    Sarah Speaks

  3. Wow what a haul. I love the fact that end of uni and future panicking equals a shopping spree =P obvs perfect way to calm down (I did it too when I finished).



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