Monday, 23 June 2014

Primark Shoes and Paperchase Sale Purchases

So, I very nearly bought a black pair of pumps in New Look today for £15.99. I thought I'd have a look in Primark first before buying, though, and I'm glad I did! I found an identical pair for just £4. Then I picked up the coral and red pairs for £5 each, and the nude pair for £6. The nude pair are from the wide fit section. I don't have wide feet, but they still fit and feel really comfortable. I wasn't planning on buying four pairs of shoes in one day, but I rarely find ones I like, so have to take advantage when I do. I also nearly bought a navy maxi skirt for £12, which I'll probably get next time I'm in. I never wear skirts, but think I'd feel comfortable in a long one.

I also picked up a couple things in the Paperchase sale, which I'd actually had my eye on before. The memo block was £3.15 down from £4.50, and the magnetic shopping list pads were £3.50 down from £5. There's a few other things I have my eye on, so will probably get them when I get the skirt.

Have you bought any Primark or Paperchase items recently?


  1. I'm looking for a maxi skirt! I think I saw one in Joy but it was overpriced :( and hahah I do the thing where I check Primark after seeing New Look shoes too!

  2. I absolutely love Paperchase sales! I wasn't out of the place just after Christmas- its just around the corner from my work so I'd find myself buying a notebook before each shift. Spot on for saving yourself money by checking Primark before buying the New Look shoes. I have quite a love/hate relationship with Primark shoes: sometimes they cut my feet to pieces, let water in and fall apart after a few wears. Sometimes though you can find a pair that last for ages and are super pretty and are definitely budget friendly. I will definitely be having a look at the shoes next time I'm in as the ones you picked up are lovely.


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