Friday, 3 October 2014

Graduation Dresses

I'm graduating this month! Finally. Other universities had their ceremonies months ago. So, weeks had gone by, thousands upon thousands of dresses were looked at, and I didn't like any. Then I stumbled upon House of Fraser and Zalando, and they both had dresses from the brand Closet. I'd never heard of this brand before, but liked it straight away. The dresses were closer to what I had in mind than any others. They were just the right amount of formal, and the shapes and cuts were simple yet flattering. 

I ordered the two above within five minutes of each other, and I'm keeping both! The first one, with the little heart print, was from House of Fraser here, and the second one was from Zalando here. I wasn't planning on going with navy (they look black in the photo, but they're definitely navy), but that must be what I gravitate towards. Both feel like great quality (I ordered another from Miss Guided, but it felt and looked cheap) and both have pockets! I love that they have pockets. They don't look like much on the hangers, but they really are beautiful. I think I'm probably going to go with the laced bottom one for this occasion, though. It doesn't look as nice as the heart print one on the hanger, but it fits perfectly. The shape is just what I wanted.

I just need to find shoes and a necklace now. I'm thinking these should have a pop of colour. I've seen some dark red, perfect-for-autumn heels, which I think would go beautifully with the navy. My dad thinks I'll look like Dorothy, but is there really anything wrong with that?! I'm not talking about a bright red anyway, so I don't think I will.

What accessories would you choose?


  1. The lace bottom one is stunning! I'm thinking a statement necklace or bracelet maybe? X

  2. I love the black one the detail is beautiful! I think it would look super flattering :)

    Glitter Infatuation - Bloglovin

  3. I love them both but the one with the lace bottom is so pretty! x

  4. The black one with the lace is stunning. I think it will look really good with the robe :-)


  5. ooh I love the one with the lace edge! I would probably wear it with bronze/copper/rose gold accessories, like a big necklace or earrings. The heart print one would look fab with the red shoes you mentioned though! x

  6. Awwh they are both stunning, good choices :) x

  7. Both are great! I graduated last year and I wasn't told I could wear a dress until an hour before the ceremony, it was a bit of a rush! x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness x

  8. WOW - I was just browsing through & stumbled upon your lovely blog - It looks gorgeous and it has interesting posts that I can relate to. I'm now following you via gfc, Hope you check out my blog ? keep in touch love x

    Benish | Feminist Reflections

  9. I love them both! But the lace one is gorgeous. :)

    Congrats for finishing uni! I'm still struggling in my second year :P

    Amy x


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