Thursday, 1 October 2015

Air Plants

I love plants, especially ones of the succulent and cactus variety. Looking back through my blog, I can tell you that my love for them started seven years ago (seriously, I love having a blog for this very reason). I started hearing about air plants earlier this year, and they intrigued me. Plants which don't require soil? Say what? After reading a ton of articles and posts on them, I decided to buy some last week. I bought the mini greenhouse for £8 odd from this Amazon listing, and the plants from this Etsy seller, based in Ireland.

I gave them a soaking when they arrived, and let them dry upside down on a towel for an hour or two before transferring to the greenhouse. They're in a place with plenty of light, but out of direct sunlight, and there's good air circulation in the room, so hopefully they'll thrive. I'm going to soak them once a week to begin with, and then adjust if necessary. If, after a month or two, they're still going strong, I'm going to look into getting a couple more. The possibilities of storing them is endless, so I can't wait to get creative. If they die, I'll have a little sob, and then do a lot more research before purchasing more. But, hopefully, that won't happen!

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  1. I think these are gorgeous! I wish I had my own house so that I could do stuff like this! x

    Christina Marie -


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