Friday, 4 December 2015

Flamingo Candles The Melt Crowd - December

The final box of 2015 arrived on my doorstep this afternoon, filled with even more wax melts. I'm either going to have to up my melting game, or cancel my subscription for a few months, because I have so many now! I'm not keen on December's selection as a whole, but I knew this would be the case because I'm not a fan of many Christmas scents to begin with.

The two I really don't like are Mistletoe and Christmas Pudding, which both happen to be The Melt Crowd exclusives. Mistletoe smells like a bitter perfume to me, and will be staying in its wrapper. Christmas Pudding has some warm notes, and smells a little like cake, which sounds nice on paper, but they're not scents I particularly like in wax tarts.

The scents which I don't hate, but don't love either, are Cinnamon Sticks, Black Tea & Almond, and Asian Pear & Plum. I like my fruity scents to be light and fresh, but Asian Pear & Plum is quite heavy, and this is down to the floral and musky notes.

My favourite three are Vanilla Milk Bottles, Black Cherry, and Mulled Wine & Berries. Vanilla Milk Bottles and Black Cherry smell just like you'd imagine, which I'm a fan of! I know I said I'm generally not a fan of warm notes, which is why I don't like many Christmas scents, but Mulled Wine & Berries is beautiful. I think it's because the berry notes remain crisp and tart.

This month's box also came with a couple extras. There's a flamingo shaped tree ornament, and because I've been subscribed to The Melt Crowd for six months, they included a melt in the scent of Snow Angel. Snow Angel is a combination of peppermint, spearmint, and buttercream, and I absolutely love it. I'm tempted to buy the mega melt of this, which is £4 for 70g.

Are you a fan of Christmas scents? I know a lot of people are, but I prefer sweet and fruity over warm and spicy.


  1. I love Christmas scents, mostly anything with cinnamon!

  2. I always forget to sign up for this! Im not sure I would have been a massive fan of this box though, not a bit cinnamon fan!

    Hannah Heartss x

  3. I used to be so fond of the warm, spicy Christmas scents but this year I've turned towards the more sweet OR clean scents. I've been eyeing up this subscription for a while now, I'll have to order one in the New Year. Lucy at Lucyy Writes x


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