Friday, 15 January 2016

For My Birthday

I'm not one to lust over designer items, but I've been on the Kate Spade website a couple times, and have appreciated the beauty of the bags and wallets. I happened to be doing just that a couple weeks ago, when I noticed there was a sale on. Along with some other colours, the Cedar Street Lacey Wallet in Cy Blue was reduced to £110, down from £160. If I could have chosen any wallet from the ones available, it would have been this one. It was still an extortionate amount of money, though, so I tweeted my admiration and left it.

Then my sister mentioned that she'd bought my birthday present and I could have it when it arrived, despite my birthday being on the 20th January, because she couldn't keep it a secret from me. After asking for a clue, she said it was fragrance related, so I thought it was another Yankee Candle Electric Melt Warmer I'd had my eye on. Then the word 'perfume' slipped out during conversation, and I was so pleased I'd managed to find it out (I like to know things, which doesn't work well with surprises). A couple days later, with my eyes closed, a box was placed in my hands, and I couldn't believe that it was this wallet. No one ever surprises me because I end up guessing what it is before they can. It turns out that my sister went to say the word 'purse', but I jumped to conclusions and thought she said 'perfume'.

She said that she'd found a 10% off code, making it £99, but I still felt extremely guilty. No one has ever spent so much on me. We then found out that it had been further reduced to £80, £72 with the code, so we decided to buy again and return the first one. It's still a lot of money, but thinking of it being better than half price lessens the blow a little.

Some of you may think telling this story is a little dramatic, especially when you see others receiving the bags all the time, but it means a lot to me. It's more about the thought and surprise behind it, but... it's also about the wallet. Look at it; it's beautiful!

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  1. That is such a pretty purse, gorgeous colour.

    Tasha xxx


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