Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Clothing and Homeware Buys

I don't buy a lot of clothes these days because I'm either in uniform or pyjamas most of the time, but a few items from New Look caught my eye last week. 

I've never been a fan of high-necked tops on myself, but that seems to have changed in the last month or so. The first thing I added to my basket was the colour block funnel neck jumper for £27.99. I personally think this is overpriced for New Look, along with the other two actually, but I've decided to just buy things I like the look of. It's not often that I find clothes I like, so I have to take advantage when I do! Despite me saying it's overpriced, it's good quality. I thought it'd feel quite rough and cheap, but it's soft. I've actually exchanged this for a smaller size because it was huge, hence the phone images - I couldn't wait for my other one to arrive before writing this!

The fine-knit striped jumper was £17.99, and I've already worn it because I like it so much. It's kind of cropped, which will take some getting used to, but at least it makes my legs look longer. I just have to be careful with makeup and food around it!

The jacquard mini skirt was £19.99, and is completely out of my comfort zone. I was drawn to it, though, and kept imagining it with tights and boots. I'd prefer it in a size smaller so it was tighter and gave more shape, but it doesn't come in one, so will just have to deal with it.

When I move out and have my own place, browsing TK Maxx will be one of my favourite hobbies. It is now, to be honest, but I have to restrain what I buy because I currently have nowhere to home things. This weekend's trip was fairly successful, though. I picked up the wire and canvas basket for £9.99, and this is currently storing my Lush products. I previously had them in a box, but would forget about them, so wanted something which would display them, while still looking fairly organised. It's from a brand called JVL, if you were wondering.

The wooden basket tag simply says 'handcrafted in vietnam', and this was £6.99. I really loved the rustic look of this, so bought it to store my teas and other hot drinks in.

The orange rim around the bowls is much brighter in real life, making them a lot prettier, but you get the idea. They're from a brand called Creative Tops, and are part of the Wanderer collection. The larger one was £3.99, while the smaller one was £2.99. I don't have a use for these yet, but couldn't leave them behind!

The last thing already has a special place in my heart. It's the Sabichi Oversized Spots Mug, which holds 600ml, and it was just £2.99. I'm already imagining having an epic hot chocolate in this. Who cares if it'll contain my daily sugar intake?

There were also these ceramic mixing bowls which nested inside each other, and each one had a different colour on the inside, but I currently have no room for them, so had to leave them behind. Sad times.

Have you found any gems in TK Maxx recently?


  1. I'm feeling like I might need to get something like what you've got to store all my lush items. Although I don't need an excuse to browse TK Maxx

    Jodie | Jodie Loue

  2. That skirt from New Look is so lovely-I love their skirts!
    katie x

  3. I love your clothing purchases - they are totally something I would wear! In Australia our version of TK MAXX is a place called 'trade secrets' and yes I always get great purchases from there :). The other day I got a yankee candle which was so much cheaper than they usually are - I was stoked! x

  4. I also never really find anything I like anymore so don't worry about the price!
    As long as you like it the price doesn't matter!!
    I love the wire and canvas basket!
    Its would look good with my make up in!
    Hopefully my TKMaxx has one!



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