Monday, 9 May 2016

Candle Belle Mega Melt Box | May 2016

I like May's Candle Belle Mega Melt Box more than April's, thankfully. There's a couple I'm not a fan of, but the rest are lovely. My three month trial has now ended, so I'm able to cancel if I want to, but I'll discuss this at the end. Again, if you'd like to see how Candle Belle compares to Flamingo Candles, click here.

French Lavender | A lavender lover's dream. Top notes of luscious lavender are complemented by Italian bergamot, eucalyptus leaves, citrus zest, clary sage, nordic pine, cool camphor, and lily of the valley. The smell of lavender makes me urge, so I haven't even opened this one! Off to a great start, aren't we? It gets better!

Raspberry Ripple | A fantastic, creamy scent. Ripe, sweet raspberry top notes combine with strong, true vanilla ice cream middle notes, and subtle hints of coconut and toasted meringue. It's no surprise that I like this one. The vanilla ice cream notes are more prominent than the raspberry, and I'd like it more if the raspberry was stronger, but it admittedly smells like the sweet treat.

Home Sweet Home | Top notes of cinnamon and clove are complemented by delicate hints of rose, ylang ylang and freshly brewed tea. This homely scent is sure to create a welcoming atmosphere in any space. This is the other one I probably won't be burning. I don't really like clove, and tend to stay away from warm, spicy scents.

Red Delicious | This strong and true apple scent is simply amazing. A juicy and sweet fruit fragrance, set against verdant greenery. I prefer the Granny Smith melt for its tartness, but this is also good. It really does smell like an apple, and it's so much better than Flamingo Candles' offering of an apple scent.

Vanilla Chai | Just the right amount of gourmet chair tea leaves and vanilla milk, with hints of perky ginger and sweet cinnamon. A hearty scent, perfect for cosying up with a loved one on a chilly night. So, you know I'm not one for warm scents, but this is actually okay. The ginger is more prominent than the cinnamon.

Loving Spell | A gorgeous parfum based scent. Tantalising and complex, leading with sweet mandarin, bergamot and tangerine, middle notes of fresh peach, strawberry and raspberry, all set against musk. I really, really like this one. It basically smells like tropical juice!

Lemon Meringue | Top notes of natural, true lemon, balanced with comforting bakery tones reminiscent of a perfect pastry crust, and just a hint of toasted meringue. Smells good enough to eat. Of course I was going to love this one! Lemon meringue is one of my favourite desserts. It smells like the real thing, and I'm currently smelling it on an empty stomach, which is torture.

Balmy Beaches | Recreate the ultimate beach experience with this nostalgic floral scent. A balmy breeze of sweet orange flower, lemony citrus, fresh lavender and powder musk. This one is okay, and I'll burn it in small pieces, but it's not my favourite. The floral notes are very heavy.

Baby Powder | Delicate citrus tones unfold to reveal a blend of soft florals in this innocent fragrance. A velvety base of musk and powdery sweetness lingers for a soothing undertone. I've had baby powder scents from a few wax brands, and I don't usually love them because they can be quite heavy, but this surprised me. It's sweeter and more uplifting than baby powder tends to be.

I love having a subscription box delivered each month, and would highly recommend Candle Belle's one, but I've cancelled mine. This is simply because I own far too many now. Before this, I was subscribed to Flamingo Candles for a while, and I also have a few jars filled with Yankee Candle and Marshmallow Blends melts. I have placed one last order with Candle Belle, though, with the scents I've yet to receive and really want to try. You can buy a one off bundle, with nine scents of your choosing, for £12.50. Each melt is 50g, so you're really getting a lot for your money. If you decide to try them, you won't be disappointed.

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