Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Garnier Nutrisse


I dyed my hair yesterday with Garnier Nutrisse in shade 4 dark brown.
Was easy to apply, like any other dye really :) Except you don't have to wet your hair before with this one.
The colour pay off is good, looks exactly like it does on the box and also my hair is super shiny :)

I'm not sure whether I like it though. Its nothing to do with the actual dye itself. I just don't like it this dark. I think I should of got the shade golden dark brown instead :/
People at school seem to like it and my parents also do but I prefer my dark auburn locks instead of this shade of brown. I would prefer a chocolate brown which has warm red tones in it.

This is permanent but hopefully it will fade slightly. Apparently 'Ginger' hair doesn't take dye's as well as other hair colours so this should help the colour become less intense.
I'll wait for this one to fade out and go back to my natural hair colour. Hopefully I won't get horrific roots - If I do then I'll have to dye it a chestnut brown (Close to my natural hair colour) and then wait for my hair colour to come through. This way when the roots begin to grow, you will not see them.



  1. Yeah colours do see to fade, so just don't use a 'colour' shampoo because that will try to protect the colour for longer. I havent used this one, but have heard it makes your hair soft and shiney :)

  2. hey i just gave you an award on my blog xx

  3. i used to use this! when i had brown hair :) it had no amnonia/low amnonia or something! it always made my hair so soft! i used it more of a gloss than a colour though :) x


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