Friday, 18 December 2009

Republic Dress & Sleek Palette!

Republic simple black sequin dress £19.99. (^ Looks better on me :P). I tried this on earlier to show my parents and they love it. My dad hardly ever gives compliments and when he does, he normally says: 'Thats alright' but when he saw me in this he said: 'That's really nice!' so it must look good! I'm wearing this on new years eve to my friends party. The girls are dressing up as flappers (1920's prostitutes basically) and the guys as 1920's gangsters.

I finally got the Original Sleek Palette! £4.99
I love it! The colours are gorgeous!


  1. Hehe thank you, he is a funny little creature!

    My Dad's the same, he tried to compliment me last time I got dressed up and he said 'you look nice, like a woman who lives in the countryside' errrr...yeh...thanks Dad.

    nicola xx

  2. Have fun at your party, I'm sure you'll look amazing. If you saw strictly come dancing yeasterday. Chris and Ola were doing a Charleston (dance from the flapper age) you should have seen Ola's dress (well...leotard) so nice.


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