Saturday, 12 December 2009

Big Haul

Okay, so there is no way I can get the photos onto here, so bare with me... I've got a few from the internet, but you will have to read the other things lol

Peacocks - £12. This looks sooo much nicer in real life, it is sparkly!

Peacocks - £10. Mine look like this but are longer (have four buttons instead of two)

Boots - £1.95

Boots - £1.95

Boots - £1
Also got the honey and jojoba leave in conditioner for £1

Collection 2000 - Glam Crystals Eyeliner in Spandex - £2.93 - I love this!

Right now on to words...
Two pairs of white trainers and one pair of navy blue - £2 each
Pink scarf - £3ish
Metallic animal print scarf - £3ish
Super booster bra in teal - £5 - Omi, this makes your boobs huge! I don't know if I like the huge fake look but will still look good under clothes.
Two pack of perfect shape bras in black - £6 - These are also amazing.
Lace front hot pants - £4

I bought four purses for my friends and they're all really cute! They were all £4.50. One of them is from the child's section and is in the shape of a strawberry!

Also, in Poundland they have these chocolate wafer straws and I was over the moon when I found them because I hadn't had them in ten years!

Ooooh and, some of you may know I am becoming obsessed with owls. Well I bought a teddy owl today and the money went towards an owl charity. I bought it at a stall and they had real owls there and I stroked them! They had a grey one, a gorgeous white one, a hugeeeee one with big orange eyes and the cutest littlest one I had ever seen!

I also found a Sleek stand in a Superdrug! :D When I go in next I am getting the Original palette. I tested the colours and they are suprisingly smooth and look gorgeous!

I have an Avon haul coming up too :)

And again, sorry for the lack of photos x


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