Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Tick tock!

How beautiful is that?!
Working clock and the butterfly charm is an extra as it wasn't shown in the picture, but I love it!
It was around £5.50 so a complete bargain. This seller also has other cute pendants such as; binoculars, love letter, tricycle, camera, robot, mirror, scissors, sewing machine etc all for around £3/4. I'm on a spending ban but I've just seen a few I reaaaally want haha.
Here is the sellers shop:, definitely worth taking a look!
Thank you for reading girlies :)


  1. That's gorgeous!
    I love the little butterfly charm on it, it's so cute.

  2. omg i'm going to check out this seller:),you can find real gems on ebay!xxx

  3. Ohhhh thanks for posting that seller.
    Few things I have my eye on...;)

  4. oooh! This looks like the stuff you can get down Camden Market! I got a necklace almost exactly the same, the same outer face but a different inside by the looks of it, and different chain. The guy was trying to sell it for £12 but he let me have it for £10. You got a right bargain there! xx

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  6. That is simply adorable♥ I tried putting myself on a spending ban but the more i thought about not spending the more it made me want to spend! :)♥ xx

  7. wow that's a great find !!! love it they sell stuff like that in the states but they want a tons
    love it lucky girl

  8.'s so adorable!! such a great find! I'm definitely going to take a look!


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