Wednesday, 11 August 2010

The Body Shop Double Ended Blackhead Remover

Double Ended Blackhead Remover - Accessories
Price: £3

Review may have been seen on The Body Shop's website. This is because I wrote the review on the website!
I have seen a few reviews where people have said this is not suitable for black heads around your nose as even the small end is too big. I couldn't disagree more. You don't just use this product to get one blackhead at a time, you can 'scrape' it across the area with a lot of small blackheads and it extracts them all at the same time. This product does the same as using your fingers but with this you can get more in a short space of time. I'm not going to lie, you have to press and scrape hard which hurts, but no pain no gain right! & If you're gross like me, you will feel satisfied when seeing all the rubbish you've collected haha. But as I say, the small end does work on tiny blackheads around the nose, it just gets more than one at a time.

Would I recommend? Yes :)


  1. I want one I dont seem to ever be able to get rid of blackheads even with fingers!

  2. Thank you so much for writing about this! I am always after something to get rid of my blackheads. I've had something like this used on me during facials, but it'll be much better to be able to do it myself!

    I tagged you in a post at Click&Make-Up

    Kat x

  3. I have one of these - I really like it for unclogging pores. It's gross but really satisfying! x

  4. ive always wanted to try this but have been dubious as to whether it would work or not! will defo try it now =) x

  5. now I want one! thanks for sharing this :D


  6. oo I'm curious about this now...
    Definately on my wish list - lol blackheads are the most irritating thing - hopefully this'll help :)

  7. Ooh this looks interesting! I might try that out :D

  8. I never seen one of these before :o

    I soo have to try it!

    I always have black heads, even if i squeeze them theyre still there :(

    Nose strips are useless.

    Thanks for the review!


  9. Hi, new follower here!

    I have an elf wish list of my own and oh,,, what a list! I had about $60.00 worth of stuff. I must cut it down and finally purchase! It would be much easier if I could find their products in my local stores :/


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