Saturday, 30 June 2012

My New Beauty Product Storage!

Hello! The corner where I store all my beauty products has had a make-over! It looks so much better in real life - If only I could capture it with my eyes for you, instead of with a camera. I had been wanting to change my beauty product storage for months, but could never find the right chest of drawers. As you can see, my products were taking over my room!
The white chest of drawers are from Argos and are from the Aviemore collection. They were £99.99, but I've just checked and they are now £67.99 - Bloody typical! Why does this always happen?! Anyway, I like them (I would like them a lot more if I paid £67.99 for them though). They're not solid wood, but they're still sturdy. The top two drawers hold my make-up, the third drawer holds my skincare products, the fourth drawer holds my body products, the fifth drawer holds my hair products and the sixth drawer just contains boxes and extra products. The two white wicker baskets on top of the chest of drawers, the white wicker chest next to the chest of drawers, the patterned shoe box and the bin all come from Store Twenty One via QS (I wrote a post about them here). I've even changed my make-up brush holder to try and look more sophisticated. My brushes were in a pink smiley face cup (Can you spot it amongst all the mess in the 'before' photo?) and now they are in a glass. A cup for a glass - I think I've grown up ;)

I hope you're enjoying your Saturday. I've had a headache and cramps all day, but I'm about to make fajitas and paint my nails neon orange, which should cheer me up!
Also, I've recently hit 1000 GFC readers! Thank you so much, you lovely bunch!

Update: I contacted Argos about the reduction in price days after I ordered and they've just refunded me the difference! How nice of them!


  1. It looks lovely, and it's definitely sodslaw about the price. Congrats on the 1000, you deserve it :) x

  2. looks so much better after - love the chest of drawers & all the baskets.
    & congrats on the 1000 GFC followers! :D

  3. looks so nice, i lovee white furniture! x

  4. Congrats on reaching 1000! And your new storage looks fantastic! I desperately need to do a makeover like that on my makeup storage soon xoxo

  5. this looks great and a lot more tidy than before! Congrats on the 1000 followers! You deserve it! :)

  6. Love the drawers ! So nice and organised :) congrats on hitting over 1000 followers! xxx

  7. Looks so much better now! Love the style too, being wanted to change my furniture for a while, might just look at this collection.. white furniture is so nice!



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