Sunday, 13 January 2013

Figs & Rouge Cherry Blossom Tinted Lip Balm

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As soon as I laid eyes on the new lip balms from Figs & Rouge, I knew I had to try one. The other two varieties, Coco Rose and Mocha Orange, are shimmery, so I gave them a miss. Cherry Blossom sounded right up my street though.

How beautiful is the packaging? I think it's the prettiest product I own. The scent is delicious. It smells like sweets, but I can't pin point which ones. I thought it was going to smell more floral, so I was pleasantly surprised. As you can see in the third photo, the formula is thick, which I was pleased about. This means it stays on longer than other liquid lip balms. It's also tinted, and I love tinted lip balms. My lips are a very pale pink, so even this subtle tint shows up on me. I'm not sure how pigmented it will be on darker lips though.

This lip balm is normally £4.95, but it's currently on offer for £3.96 on the Feel Unique website (click here to view). They also have free delivery on all products. Although it's more expensive than your standard lip balm, I definitely think it's worth it. It's 100% natural, beautifully packaged, smells delicious, tinted, stays on for hours, and works. If the new Cherry Blossom hand cream smells like this, I'll be purchasing that too!


  1. I'm such a sucker for packaging and this is amazing!! Lip balms with natural ingredients are always that much more appealing, and as it's on sale I think I'll have to give it a go! xx

  2. it looks lovely and natural on you. Figs and rouge have some really nice balms so I may have to buy this. great review xx

  3. Looks so nice :) I like their vanilla balm xx


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