Sunday, 7 April 2013

My Weekend - Hairdressers, Food Markets, Charity Shops, Car Boot Sales and More

I've done a lot more than I usually do this weekend, so thought I'd document it!

On Friday, at 9am, I had my hair cut. I had 5 inches taken off, and it feels so short and soft now! I love that feeling.

Afterwards, we looked around the charity shops, and I came across this Cath Kidston mug in Woodside for just 50p. I'm currently using it as a plant pot because I have far too many mugs in the cupboard as it is!

Then, around 11am on Friday, my sister and I went into town so I could take photos of the Continental Food Market for one of my uni modules. I was nervous and embarrassed at first, but once I started taking photos, I was fine!

After I took the photos, we went shopping. I only bought one thing, and that was the throw. It was from Primark and was down to just £3. I already own it, and love it, so thought I'd get another. My sister bought a Soul Cal jumper from Republic for £16, and 3 Sinful Colour nail polishes from Boots for £3.98 (they're £1.99 each, and were on 3 for 2). The colours she chose are Timbleberry, Rise & Shine, and Nail Junkie.

On Saturday, we went to a load of big charity shops and homeware/DIY stores. In one charity shop, St Luke's Hospice, the books were just 20p! I restrained myself and settled for 5. I don't know if they're going to be any good, but I recognised some of the authors, so grabbed them. The Kiss & Die one sounds good. It's about a serial killer who tortures and decapitates people. Sounds cheery, doesn't it? ;)

We also went to B&Q and bought a load of paint and painting supplies because we're giving our house a much needed makeover. While there, I couldn't resist these Kalanchoes for £1.50 each. We also bought some pre-made hanging baskets for the front of our house for £5 each.

We also went to Buyology on Saturday, where I finally found some plant pot saucers, which were 79p for 5. They're turquoise, the perfect size, and are 100% natural. This means they'll only last 2-3 years, but I don't mind that at all. These plant pot saucers were the finishing touch for my windowsill makeover. Now it's all bright and happy. For more information and photos, see the post below this. I also bought a few dog toys because they were a great price. Now the dogs are spoilt for choice!

On Saturday evening, I played around with my blog header and colour theme. I must have changed it over 20 times! I'm still not sure about it, but it'll do for now.

I didn't take any photos today, but I'll just write about what we did. This morning, we went to a car boot sale, but it was rubbish. We'll be going to a different one next time! Then we had breakfast at a little cafe, and it was delicious. Cafe sausages always taste better to me. Then we went to a bed store and my dad bought my sister a cabin bed. She's had the same bed for nearly her whole life, so she needed a new one. She also has the smallest room, so she wanted a cabin bed to make the most of the space. I've also decided that I need a new bed frame, so will be buying one next week. Even though my bed isn't that old, I want to get rid of the base because it doesn't have any room underneath it, and it's such a waste of space. This week, I'm planning on getting a simple metal frame, and a load of storage boxes to go underneath. I'll be keeping my mattress because it's not that old (and mattresses are expensive!)

Phew! If you managed to get through this, I applaud you!


  1. What a lovely post. I love your new blog design- I also love the picture grid at the top (how do you do those?). The plant pots are so pretty and the market looks great xx

    1. Thank you and thank you! :) I use the 'create a collage' option on!

    2. Ah thank you :) I've used Picmonkey before but not the collage option:) xx

  2. Looks like you had an amazing weekend! Your hair looks gorgeous! I wish we had food markets like that here in Portugal, so many yummy things! xx

  3. I really enjoyed the Lee Weeks book, and I have just realised you live in Plymouth - me too!

  4. I NEED that primark throw in my life, I'm still sitting under the Christmas one haha. I have a few of the Sinful nail polishes and they are really good quality considering how cheep they are.

  5. Your hair colour is so gorgeous, I've been trying to dye mine a similar colour for ages but no ammount of box dyes seem to do it, very jealous! xx

  6. Your market photography is so good, the colours look really vibrant! I'm going to go search for that throw :) xx

  7. The Sophie Kinsella book is part of a Shopaholic series and I seriously recommend starting from the beginning and saving this one as I think its the last or second last book.


  8. I'm french and in the UK since January only, and I'm completely lost without my Sephora, and my french brands.. haha. So I was looking for a beauty blog where I could find good advice about what to buy in the drugstore, and you're the only blog which present cheap/affordable products! (I'm in an exchange program, and my university had the great idea to give us our grant... when we'll be back in France. Clever... So I have a limited budget ^^')
    And I like your blog even + because it talks about books and decoration :D
    And it's pastel, and soft, and cute, and girly... I think I'm falling in love with your blog!

  9. Ahh so nice of you of sharing such a nice collection,I really like your this post and the collection.

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  10. Your hair looks soooo shiny and soft! Also, I love Sophie Kinsella x

  11. Your hair looks amazing x


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