Wednesday, 29 May 2013

eBay Blush Palette

Flash: eBay Blush Palette

Flash: eBay Blush Palette Swatches

Natural: eBay Blush Palette Swatches

I had been considering getting this blush palette for years (literally), and just decided to go for it last month. I bought it for £3 something, including P&P, from here. The seller has now increased the price to £4.19, but it's still very cheap! I know people are wary about make-up from eBay because they don't know if it's safe, but I haven't had any problems. The only products I'm apprehensive about are eye cosmetics and face creams. I love that this palette has a variety of shades. It gives you the chance to try colours you may not normally wear. I do wish there was a matte peach/orange, though. The only matte shades are the three bottom pink ones. In terms of quality, the blushes feel soft to touch and blend well on the skin. The pigmentation is average, apart from the middle bottom shade, which is really sheer. This can be a positive or negative aspect depending on personal preference. I like that you can build them up and not have to worry about looking like a clown, but I must admit, I'm always impressed when I come across a strongly pigmented blush. Because the pigmentation isn't intense, all of the shades are wearable. Overall, I think this is a good little blush palette, and it'd be great for someone wanting to experiment with different shades. I would definitely like it more if it had a variety of matte shades, though.

Have you tried one of the blush palettes from eBay? I want to try the 6 pan blush/contour palette now!


  1. nice share! I've not bought one from ebay but im watching one with 180 colours for around a tenner - im not expecting the best quality but because i dont wear much eyeshadow, it will be fun experimenting to see which colours suit me!

  2. Oh wow I think this looks fab! A great price also! A really good find! :)

  3. Oh I think I need this! It's also been in my ebay basket for months I just haven't bought it for some reason. The top right colour is so pretty, I think I'd buy it for that alone x

  4. oh nice! I've been looking at buying this for a while but never got around to doing it as I wasn't sure what it was like. I'll be definitely be getting it now :)Really loving the top left colour :) xx

  5. Ive been wanting to try this for ages too! Might have to place a cheeky order! x

  6. They're such pretty colours, and for that price it makes you wonder why we bother spending triple that on just one!
    I've never bought any palettes from ebay but am very tempted now x


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