Thursday, 30 May 2013

Sinful Colours Nail Polish in Pistache

Natural lighting, flash

I own a few teals, and I own a few mint greens, but I've never owned a green like this! A light grass green. I think it's because I've seen it as ugly in the past and thought it wouldn't go with my skin tone. However, I was drawn to it in Boots, and for £1.99, I thought I may as well try it! I'm still getting used to it, but I think I like it. The formula was great, taking 2 smooth coats. However, I've had to use a base coat for once because I think it's a stainer. I swatched a few polishes last night to decide on a colour, and this stained the nail like crazy, as did Rise & Shine (another green from Sinful Colours).  Hopefully the base coat will be enough to prevent this, though.

I'm seriously impressed with my Sinful Colours nail polishes so far. Have you tried any?


  1. I picked up Rise & Shine for my mum to wear to a wedding tomorrow - definitely need to warn her to wear a base coat! Pistache is a beaut x

  2. Green isn't normally a colour I'd be drawn to for nails, but this is really cute and has a fresh, spring feel to it. Not bad for £1.99!
    It's a shame it's a stainer! Fingers crossed the base coat works x

  3. Such a pretty colour, It's taken me a while to like these kind of colour but now I'm obsessed haha :-)


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